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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hair Loss

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This blog is created this to bring awareness to the people who are suffering from hair loss and don't have any idea on what should be done to prevent the hair loss.

I am in India and got hair loss problem for the past 7 years. I have tried many treatments to prevent hair loss, this includes Ayurvedic, sidha, homeopathy etc. I didn't see any results from them.

From all these treatments, Following is the only treatment to be effective in stopping hair loss and this is prescribed by a dermatologist.


1. Finastride(Tablet)
2. MinTop or Tugain (5% Minoxidil) solution. (To apply directly on scalp)
3. Kz Lotion (Ketoconazole Lotion 2%) by H & H Pharmaceutica Pvt Ltd (shampo)
4. Zincovit(Tablet)

Note: I am not suggesting anybody these medicines. You have to consult a dermatologist if you want to take these medicines.

But if you want to take a treatment then just go to the dermatologist and do not spend thousands to bugs towards any treatment that promises re growth of your hair.

Time Frame

When I started the treatment in my college days I used to set my expectation to just 10-1 month days. After that period when I didn't get any results then, I simply stopped taking the treatment. Because every one wants to get results in few days and it is different in hair loss.

This might shock quite a few of you.. Hair grows in three phases, Anagen, Catagen and telogen. Anagen is the growth period, catagen is the transition period and telogen is the resting period of your hair where it doesn't grow, just stays dormant for a while.

Now when people shed hair, what they don't realize is, this hair has been in telogen for at least 3 months! Only THEN does it shed. It doesn't shed just like that in the midst of its growth.

I'll give you an example.. 'A' buys a 'hair loss oil!' .. goes home!.. 'A' has been shedding hair since the past week like anything, all over the pillow and bathroom floor.. now 'A' applies the oil and 2 days later says it helped his shedding! It is SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE that any hair loss treatment kick in within a MINIMUM of 2 months! because of your hair cycle! your hair is already in telogen and it HAD to fall whether you applied oil or not because it had gone into the telogen state since 3 Months! and applying oil will not change states.. get what i mean?

This is the BEST way of spotting a scam product! if ANY product says you'll get results within 2 weeks, within a month, its FAKE! because its scientifically Impossible! For ANY product to work you need to give it a MINIMUM of 3 to 6 months for your hair to go through their cycles and SHOW you VISIBLE improvement. Doctors recommend their patients to take the treatment at LEAST a year before thinking if its helped or not.

Don't buy scam products

Almost 90% of hair loss products are scams. And you can find thousands of products available in India that claims regrowth in a months time.

First, most of them don't penetrate the scalp deep enough to reach the follicle.

Second, DHT has been found to be the main cause of male pattern baldness. Finastride is the only pill that is approved by FDA for controlling it. A pill being approved by the FDA does not simply mean it wont kill you. There're LOADS and LOADS of studies backing up Finasteride the product thats in propecia, which happens to be the number 1 hairloss treatment in the world at the moment.


A pharmaceutical company reportedly sought to find the smallest effective quantity of finasteride and test its long-term effects on 1,553 men between ages 18 and 41 with mild to moderate thinning hair. Based on their research, 1 mg. daily was selected, and after two years of daily treatment, over 83% of the 1,553 men experiencing male hair loss had actually maintained or increased their hair count from baseline. Visual assessments concluded that over 80% had improved appearances.


FDA clinical trials showed that 65% of men with androgenetic alopecia maintained or increased their hair count from the use of minoxidil 5% in liquid form. 54% of these men experienced moderate to dense regrowth and 46% experienced hair loss stabilisation and mild regrowth.

In controlled clinical studies of women aged 18-45, two out of three women with moderate degrees of hereditary hair loss reported re-growth after using 2% minoxidil. Initial results occur at four months with maximum results occurring at eight months

Myths About Hair Loss

There are many myths regarding the possible causes of baldness and its relationship with one's virility, intelligence, ethnicity, job, social class, wealth etc. While skepticism is warranted due to lack of scientific validation, some of these myths may have a degree of underlying truth.

  • "You inherit baldness from your mother's father."
    Research has also shown that a person with a balding father also has a significantly greater chance of experiencing hair loss.
  • "Intellectual activity or psychological problems can cause baldness."
  • "One's ethnicity can increase the chances of going bald."

  • "Baldness can be caused by emotional stress, sexual frustration etc."
  • "Bald men are more 'virile' or sexually active than others."

  • "Shaving hair makes it grow back stronger"
    Proposed as a popular remedy against baldness, it is very probably just an illusion similar to the one perceived after shaving one's beard or mustache. Shaving one's head doesn't increase the number of healthy hair present on the scalp, and, after the remaining hair has grown a few millimeters, no enhancement in thickness or overall quality can be observed.

  • "Frequent ejaculation causes baldness"
    There are many misconceptions about what can help prevent hairloss, one of these being that frequent ejaculation may have an influence on MPB. Depending on frequency, it can raise or lower plasma testosterone. The claim that frequent ejaculations can cause baldness is often viewed with skepticism.

  • "Standing on one's head alleviates baldness"
    While Minoxidil is a vasodilator and is speculated to work, in part, by increasing blood flow to hair follicles, there is no evidence that standing on one's head can alleviate baldness.

  • "Tight hats cause baldness."
    While this may be a myth, hats do cause hair breakage and, to a lesser degree, split ends. Since hats are not washed as frequently as other clothing, they can also lead to scalp uncleanliness and possible Pityrosporum ovale contamination in men with naturally oily scalps.

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