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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hair Loss

Hello Visitors,

This blog is created this to bring awareness to the people who are suffering from hair loss and don't have any idea on what should be done to prevent the hair loss.

I am in India and got hair loss problem for the past 7 years. I have tried many treatments to prevent hair loss, this includes Ayurvedic, sidha, homeopathy etc. I didn't see any results from them.

From all these treatments, Following is the only treatment to be effective in stopping hair loss and this is prescribed by a dermatologist.


1. Finastride(Tablet)
2. MinTop or Tugain (5% Minoxidil) solution. (To apply directly on scalp)
3. Kz Lotion (Ketoconazole Lotion 2%) by H & H Pharmaceutica Pvt Ltd (shampo)
4. Zincovit(Tablet)

Note: I am not suggesting anybody these medicines. You have to consult a dermatologist if you want to take these medicines.

But if you want to take a treatment then just go to the dermatologist and do not spend thousands to bugs towards any treatment that promises re growth of your hair.

Time Frame

When I started the treatment in my college days I used to set my expectation to just 10-1 month days. After that period when I didn't get any results then, I simply stopped taking the treatment. Because every one wants to get results in few days and it is different in hair loss.

This might shock quite a few of you.. Hair grows in three phases, Anagen, Catagen and telogen. Anagen is the growth period, catagen is the transition period and telogen is the resting period of your hair where it doesn't grow, just stays dormant for a while.

Now when people shed hair, what they don't realize is, this hair has been in telogen for at least 3 months! Only THEN does it shed. It doesn't shed just like that in the midst of its growth.

I'll give you an example.. 'A' buys a 'hair loss oil!' .. goes home!.. 'A' has been shedding hair since the past week like anything, all over the pillow and bathroom floor.. now 'A' applies the oil and 2 days later says it helped his shedding! It is SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE that any hair loss treatment kick in within a MINIMUM of 2 months! because of your hair cycle! your hair is already in telogen and it HAD to fall whether you applied oil or not because it had gone into the telogen state since 3 Months! and applying oil will not change states.. get what i mean?

This is the BEST way of spotting a scam product! if ANY product says you'll get results within 2 weeks, within a month, its FAKE! because its scientifically Impossible! For ANY product to work you need to give it a MINIMUM of 3 to 6 months for your hair to go through their cycles and SHOW you VISIBLE improvement. Doctors recommend their patients to take the treatment at LEAST a year before thinking if its helped or not.

Don't buy scam products

Almost 90% of hair loss products are scams. And you can find thousands of products available in India that claims regrowth in a months time.

First, most of them don't penetrate the scalp deep enough to reach the follicle.

Second, DHT has been found to be the main cause of male pattern baldness. Finastride is the only pill that is approved by FDA for controlling it. A pill being approved by the FDA does not simply mean it wont kill you. There're LOADS and LOADS of studies backing up Finasteride the product thats in propecia, which happens to be the number 1 hairloss treatment in the world at the moment.


A pharmaceutical company reportedly sought to find the smallest effective quantity of finasteride and test its long-term effects on 1,553 men between ages 18 and 41 with mild to moderate thinning hair. Based on their research, 1 mg. daily was selected, and after two years of daily treatment, over 83% of the 1,553 men experiencing male hair loss had actually maintained or increased their hair count from baseline. Visual assessments concluded that over 80% had improved appearances.


FDA clinical trials showed that 65% of men with androgenetic alopecia maintained or increased their hair count from the use of minoxidil 5% in liquid form. 54% of these men experienced moderate to dense regrowth and 46% experienced hair loss stabilisation and mild regrowth.

In controlled clinical studies of women aged 18-45, two out of three women with moderate degrees of hereditary hair loss reported re-growth after using 2% minoxidil. Initial results occur at four months with maximum results occurring at eight months

Myths About Hair Loss

There are many myths regarding the possible causes of baldness and its relationship with one's virility, intelligence, ethnicity, job, social class, wealth etc. While skepticism is warranted due to lack of scientific validation, some of these myths may have a degree of underlying truth.

  • "You inherit baldness from your mother's father."
    Research has also shown that a person with a balding father also has a significantly greater chance of experiencing hair loss.
  • "Intellectual activity or psychological problems can cause baldness."
  • "One's ethnicity can increase the chances of going bald."

  • "Baldness can be caused by emotional stress, sexual frustration etc."
  • "Bald men are more 'virile' or sexually active than others."

  • "Shaving hair makes it grow back stronger"
    Proposed as a popular remedy against baldness, it is very probably just an illusion similar to the one perceived after shaving one's beard or mustache. Shaving one's head doesn't increase the number of healthy hair present on the scalp, and, after the remaining hair has grown a few millimeters, no enhancement in thickness or overall quality can be observed.

  • "Frequent ejaculation causes baldness"
    There are many misconceptions about what can help prevent hairloss, one of these being that frequent ejaculation may have an influence on MPB. Depending on frequency, it can raise or lower plasma testosterone. The claim that frequent ejaculations can cause baldness is often viewed with skepticism.

  • "Standing on one's head alleviates baldness"
    While Minoxidil is a vasodilator and is speculated to work, in part, by increasing blood flow to hair follicles, there is no evidence that standing on one's head can alleviate baldness.

  • "Tight hats cause baldness."
    While this may be a myth, hats do cause hair breakage and, to a lesser degree, split ends. Since hats are not washed as frequently as other clothing, they can also lead to scalp uncleanliness and possible Pityrosporum ovale contamination in men with naturally oily scalps.

For More Information, check the following URL.


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Anonymous said...


3.Deemark herbal hair oil
5.Segals advanced hair solution



Anonymous said...

Thnkx dear ANIL SHARMA for your suggestion , but my question is that will i start loosing more hair than now if i quit this treatment or will it be the same? i know dat aftr stopping i will loose all nw hair growth witthin 2-3 months but what about my rest of the hairs which are not grown due to these medicines effects............thnkx in advance..

vinay said...

hello sir,
i am 20 yrs old guy.i had hairfall problem.i took bioten and used all possible i am using cutamin tabs..i used Mintop before when i shaved my head and now i am seeing lots of grey hairs only in front portion..i used to use it only in front so is ti this effect??

i am staying in bangalore..i need tugain cream and i am not able to find it here if u know plz do


Siva said...

Hi Prasanna,

My doctor suggested me to use Pilomin 5% solution to use.
How can i apply do i need to apply on the full scrap or only on the baldness area.
Then I'm using the Finalo tablet daily in the night time.


Anonymous said...

hi prasanna
very good work.i am a female 50 years old with hairloss.are there any hair serum or lotion to make my hair look thicker.I donot want toppik.thanks

Anonymous said...

halo prasana iam rakesh nearly from 2 months my hair are realy faliing down so my sister sujested me baba ramdev ayurvedic medicine i used that it has started strongly faliin my hair then i stoped that and i went doctor and they sujested me tugain 5 now im using this from 4 days my hair controld faling down but i want to know how many days it will take re grow my hair and can use brame awla tel

Anonymous said...


Iam using mintop10 and fiansteride tablets for 3 years. the hairloss stopped completely and i regained nearly 70 percent of new hair.
i had seen many side effects like ,
beause of the usage of the finasteride i got ercection and sexual problems.
mintop caused darkening of my skin. my face got darkened as it contains more alcohol contents.

beacause i stopped the finasteride tablet i lost all the newly grown hair.

now i am using only the hair4u 10 solution.

B Gabriel said...

Thanks Prasanna for this blog service. It's really helping people decide.

Most people on the blog have used Minoxidil and/or Finastride in some variant or the other and have reported results but with severe side-effects. Unfortunately, doctors who suggested these never told their clients about the potential side-effects. Increasing evidence has been reported recently which states that the incidence of side-effects has not been in just 1-2% of the cases, as reported earlier but in as much as 24% of the cases (report from Boston Medical in Jan.2011). I wonder whether it's worth a risk and that's by no means a small one.

I, for one would like to galvanise users that there are herbs like Saw palmetto and Stinging Nettle that produce the same benefit as Finasteride but are safe. No side-effects. About Monoxidil, it's clear that nobody knows as to how it works for hair loss, not even the manufacturers. It's reversal effect and side-effects remain a deterrent but then again, we must give natural medication a trial before opting for these drugs.

I, after months off self-study and after using Minoxidil for 3 months with slightly visible results started with a supplement that contained Saw palmetto, Stinging Nettle and some other herbs like Fo Ti, Horsetail and Kelp. It's branded the Segals Solutions. Believe me, the results were no less than what is expected. These herbs produced better results than what Minoxidil did for me. Later, I combined this Segals Supplement with their Advanced Scalp Formula and a Thinning Hair Shampoo, which incidentally also contain Saw palmetto, Nettle, Biotin, Rosemary, Panthenol, Gingko Biloba, Green Tea, some oils like Jojoba and hempseed, etc. Results, I must say are astounding. Hair Loss has stopped completely. Hair has a better thickness, there is increased volume and hairline, that was receding earlier now seems to be reverting forward. I have been using for 9 months now and intend to continue it for long as I have nothing that works in the back of my mind about any side-effects.

The problem with this product-Segals Solutions is that you have to order it from Chennai and you don't get it in Goa or any other place in India. If you could get over this inconvenience, nothing like Segals given that there's no uneasiness or apprehension of losing something at the cost of good hair. Segals Solutions didn't cause any irritation on my scalp, like Moinoxidil. Segals Solutions didn't cause any side-effects that are associated with Finasteride or Propecia. In the interest of moving closer to nature, I would rate this product much higher than anything else and give it a thumbs up. I am reachable at

Anonymous said...


Don't take this tablet more (Finpecia) just for hair.
Side effects:
Breast tenderness/swelling,
Pain in the testicles,
Reduced volume of ejaculation,
Ejaculation disorders,
Decreased sex drive,
Hypersensitivity reactions such as rash, itching, hives or swelling of the lips and face.

for more detail

Anonymous said...


I have one doubt, the minoxidil(MORR-F) that i have purchased says " apply total of 1ml twice per day on the scalp "....
does that mean 1ml in the morning and 1 ml in the evening ..or 0.5 ml in the morning and 0.5 ml in the evening
am confused could any one reply for the same ..

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna,

I am going to use Finabald 2.5 and cosmetin 20, tugain 5 for my hair loss. My friends told me using those tablets will create sexual problems to men. Is it so? I am totally confused since i am going to get married by this year 2011. Please advise me whether this tablets will create sexual problem

Anonymous said...

yes these side effects are bound to happen with finasteride. Better use natural DHT inhibitors like Saw Palmetto and Nettle. Iam noticing some tiny/baby hairs with segals solutions after about 4 month now

Prem said...

Hi prasanna

I am 24 years old .I am using Tugain 5% for last 2 and 1/2 years .For the first 2years i can able to see a very good result in my hair growth.then i stopped the treatment all of a sudden i lost 60% of my hairs.I had started the treatment before 2months and still i am facing heavy hair loss.Please provide a solution

vinoth said...

HI anna am a 23yr facng hair fall pblm frm past 10yrs..still nw am usng tugain 2% soltn it produced gud result so i stopd aftr tat hair fall startd again..tugain 5% is sutble for gals r not..plz respn waitng fr ur respn..

Arif said...

Finalbald is poison, it contains Finasteride and look at the side effects in Wiki. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

Anonymous said...

hi prasanna,

i am using mintop 1% and finabald tablet and folgroom tablet.. after applying that mintop for sme days i feel sme hair fall. will it be in starting stage of applying that.
using that mintop in mng is gud or using at nite will be gud.
is mintop gud or tugain gud?
i have sme wat long hair shall i cut thm to small. plz suggest me.

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone ..

I was suffering from hair fall on my crown (i've posted few notes above as well) and i started using Tugain 5%.

It helped me a lot and i can see hair on my crown now..

It works .. please try !!

Anil Sharma

Anonymous said...

there is somebody who talks a lot about segal solution...guys let me tell you - 200@ this is not a user..this are the people who are selling segal solution products from chennai or mumbai - what they are telling is absoluterly bull !!

I have used segal medicines for 1.5 yrs...have not found any effect and it is so bloody expensive...but for little bit of correction in hair fall,not a single nwew hair has come out...havent tried the other medicines that you guys have been discussing here...anyways....take care and good luck with new hair..

Anonymous said...

I am using Tugain 5% for about 2 months now. Though it may be too early to see results, I am feeling some deep sense of itching on my scalp and the forehead. It gets bad during the evenings and sometimes makes me restless.

Could somebody suggest whether this normal and whether this is due to Tuagin. If I discontinue, will this itching go off or I have now to resort to medication for this itching? Thanks in advance

krusna said...

Use Saw Palmetto supplements made by APR LifeSciences available in Mumbai. It has surely stopped my hair loss in 2 months and I can see little growths in front.
Contact P. Shankar on 09326475082 in Mumbai

Madhav Punj said...

Hello Friends,

I went to Dr Rekha Yadav of Revital Trichology who gave me micro injection of growth factors in Scalp for 4 months and now my hairs are back and strong. I was in early stage of hair loss so guys do not lose your time on trying too many things..... get back your hair when they are still there by a proper scientific therapy.
You can check

macksthangvung said...

Hi, prasanna,

A'm having hairlos from the past 2 yrs, ahuge dandruff with dry scalf, whole day, whole night it was itching, i am 30 yrs old, ihad consulted Dr.Batra. but doesnt help, am very worried,can u suggest a good medicine? pls advice,, am waiting


Anonymous said...

hi bro..iam suffering hair falling last five years i lost 75 persent of my head recently i consult doctor he gave mE ANDROGENTIC ALOPECIA(TAB) TUGAIN 5 XGAIN SHAMPOO(CIPLA) BEFORE I START TREATMENT I SHVED MY HEAD AFTER ONE MONTH I SEE RESULT SOME NEW HAIR GROW.but tugain oil has some problems it is sticking scalp it is not easy to remove some side afects

sri4378 said...


Ashutosh said...

Hi Prassana,
i have just started applying tugain 5% solution as prescribed by my doc, but he said that for 3 months i should not apply hair oil, now my hair have become very dry in 1 week itself, what should i do.

Can you recommend me something.

Ananya said...

You could shift to Segals Solutions instead of Tugain. It's much better and no side-effects.

rishi said...

Hi Prasanna

I m Rishi from delhi i had use the tugain all % but i have no any better result. What New hair vcan be geneerate

gtwod said...

has side effects

Praveen said...

Please dont use any of the above medicine. Some hairs will grow if you use mintop/tugain. But more hairs will fall if you stop using it.

Please note that there is no solution in this world for hair growth. If it is there then he/she has to be given noble prize.

The Only Solution for stopping hair loss is proper diet.

suresh R said...

Hello prasanna'

i consulted dr shreedar in bangalore. he suggested following medicines
1)rootz m5 minixoidal usp(lotion)
2)nu hair(tablet)

do u know anything on this

Anonymous said...

i started using segals hair solutions and this caused more hair this normal..i used it for 2 mts...plz help..

Mark said...

hey guys..

im new here. my name is mark and of late my dandruff has been cleared but myhair fall is still present, and when i say hair fall i mean alot of hair falls.. the worst part about the hair fall is that each strand of hair that falls, falls with sum white thing attached to it like a white head i asked my doc abt it and she said it was the sebum which was falling with the hair. is that ok or is that really bad??

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
it is not very often that i write review to any product and when i write i write only about things that i used and found good results.
I had a terrible hair fall for almost an year, initially it did not matter but it grew worse that my scalp became very visible and my hair was thinning besids loosing.
I approached dermatolgist and he prescribed me Mintop 5% and with it finasteride, it only made it worse besides drying my hair making it look lifeless.
After 4 months without any visible results, i approached one of the top dermatologists in my area(after one month of long wait), he observed me and prescribed Trichorganics scalp therapy which is a spray to be applied once daily and along with it Nizoral shampoo. I started using it and with every passing day i was loosing less hair than usual and it seem to get thicker each day and my friends seem to feel the difference which was very much noticeable.
Moreover it is not sticky and does not contain alcohol like minoxidil lotion and i even feel my hair moisturised.
For all people suffering from similar problem please visit a good dermatologist first before trying anything as they are the right people who can see the real reason for hairloss.
For me trichorganics and nizoral helped a lot.

Amit said...

thanks for this meaningful information.. i appreciate you..

Amit said...

thanks for your valuable information...i appreciate you..

chokkalingam said...

Hi Prasana,

I am chokkalingam, 33 year old guy suffering from hair loss since lost 2 year. Information provided by you is really interesting and found it useful and can you tell me at what time i need to take the Finastride(Tablet) and how many mg

In case of any other information on hair loss please post it or mail me on

chokkalingam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vandhana said...

Hi prasanna,
thank u so much for the article which is so informative and specially for laides,and i have one question that if we are in the treatment can we apply oil for the hair because we apply tugain solution for sclap na...


Abhilash said...

Hi Prasanna

Thanks for the wonderful article. I am also suffering from hair loss since 4-5 years. As a result not only my hairline is receding but hair is also vanishing from the sides i.e(temples). But only recently I went to a dermatologist for treatment. He prescribed me the following:
1. Mintop 10% : This is minoxidil 10% soln.
2. Folliderm of Piramal healthcare.
3. Finax : Finasteride 1mg
4. Diprobec Lotion from Ranbaxy: This is Beclomethasone Dipropionate Lotion.
5. Scalpe Shampoo from Glenmark
6. Alamin M Forte of Albert David Limited : This is amino acids with mineral capsules.

He advised me to take one pill of Finax, Folliderm & Alamin M Forte daily. Moreover I have to mix 1ml Diprobec lotion and 1ml minoxidil and apply it on my scalp twice. The doctor advised me to apply it over the regions from where the hair has disappeared and also on the front to central portion of head. The shampoo is supposed to be applied twice a week.
I had been using the same since 25 days and honestly speaking I don't see any improvement. Instead I feel my hairs are falling even more. I talked to my doctor and he suggested that I am getting impatient with the treatment.

Any suggestions in this regard would be extremely appreciated.

anuradha said...

hi prasanna,
great read i must. I am 34 yrs old with waist kength hair. suddenly facing hair fall from the last one month. Some told that its due to monsson. didnt accept that went to my dermatologist. he told me to take follihair capsules twice a day. sud i also apply tugain 2% as i learnt it from reacding the articles in your blog?

kanha said...

Hello Prsanna I am seeing you stopped replying to many's questions.Please help yaar.I am also suffering the same and I using
2)Minioxidil 5 mintop gel solln.
4)then Novalgin shamppo.

I went to cutis clinic at Bangalore to dr. B S CHANDRASEKHAR.Please let me know if any side effects may occur.

kanha said...

Hello Prasanna,
I am using finabald from last 3 days.will I face some sex related issues libido or etc etc.Please let me know as soon as possible.Please give me u r contact number wanna do n mind but I need your valueable suggestions.let me know early please Prasanna.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prassana,
I have been prescribed to use Tugain 5% along with Keraglo Forte tablets and Scalp shampoo.
Can these medication procedure help to regrow hair?
And if yes in what time the result shows?
Is it necessary to apply solution twice a day?
I only use Tugain and shampoo and i am not using the prescribe tablet

Anonymous said...

even I'm tired of trying all the bogus products...segals,vcare,homeo...nothing works...dont waste money..

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna,

Im from Chennai, Tamilnadu. I've consulted many dermalogist, they didnt specified these medicine names.can you say any good dermatologist in chennai???


kaviya said...

Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun.

Hair Loss Treatment Chennai

Anonymous said...

hi prasanna......

im vinay here.. im suffering from hairloss .. after reading ur blog im planning to go for these medicenes.. after consulting a a doc... but my only question is...... after using these dargs for yrss... will i become impotent???? plsssss let me know if u hav come across any such cases.......ppp

sara said...

hi sir, myself sara age 21, my problem is that my hair is thin since birth only, i mean not dat thin, but it wasnt thick, but i never ever had this hairfall trouble. my mom always used to tell me that i have very thin hair and i should do something for this. but my friends and relatives never used to comment anything bad for my hair instead they used to tell me that i have silky and shiny hair. so one day i saw an add of a dermatologist that he was successful in bringing back hairs of half bald people and all. so i found it quite interesing and went to the clinic. the doctor told me to go for low level laser treatment, which will make my hair density thicker. i told the doctor that my skin is prone to allergy in evrything specially in medicated medicines. he told low level laser is safe. after 3-4 sittings, i found rapid hair loss and i told the doctor about it. he told me that it was becoz of the shampoo and he changed my shampoo and asked me to continue the treatment. but still my hair was falling at an alarming rate. i think my skin was sensitive to that laser light for which all these happened and when i asked for my money refund, they said no. and after that i did homeopathy treament, no use at all. then i went to another homeopathy and i could see after taking 2-3dose i was having 5-6% improvement. the doctor gave me arnica montana 200 for every alternate which is the highest dose coz its usually given for 2times a week to consume. but after that it continued like that. there wasnt any further improvent even after 17days. so i swithched to alopathy. the doctor gave me follihair tablets each everyday and zocon 50mg everyday(20days). candid B lotion, and mintop2%. scalpe doing evrything xcept using that mintop. after reading reviews regarding minodoxil im really scared, coz my skin couldnt take the safest cold laser therapy, for mintop therez no question only. should i try segal solutions?

Anonymous said...

Yes, worth trying segal solution

Avishek said...

Hi, A great effort I must say... just got prescribed with Tugain 5% and Finpecia 1 mg. Starting to use it even. I was told that I will lose hair at the start where the hair with soft roots will give away.
I would like to know whether there are any more side effects to the combination of medicine suggested. I would like to know even if there is anything even very minor.
Thanks in advance.

vikky said...

Can any one please tell me the place where Finpecia is available in bangalore?

Mak said...

Hi, this is Medi, I have been suffering from hair loss for last 5 years. I am only 25 years old and I look elder than my age. I have used Tugain and tablets like Menofit, Aminofit etc. My dermatologist had also injected on my scalp. After 6 months, my hair came back. Unfortunately, when I stopped treatment for one month, 90% of the regrowth hairs get lost again. So, what is the use of using Tugain or other medicines. If you have any other suggestion, plesae give me.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Does excessive masturbation causes hair loss ?


Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna,

I am using Tugain lotion since 2 week. But my hair fall doesn't stop. When will I expect that my hair loss will stop.


kiran said...

hi..prasana first very very tahnks to u abt this article..i am also getting baldness frontal side..i am going to start this treatment..but these medicine will available in tanzania..


Thnx guys for these gr8 info..!!

anonymous said...


if we use tugain lotion twice a day till 3- 6 months. so do we need to use hair oils with dis???

Anonymous said...

Hi Prassana....
I see that you haev started that tabets in 2008...are you still using it...after how long did u find the visible difference?

dhiyanu87 said...

am just 25, I have hair fall and too, i have dandruff also, wat can i do for this, i want hair regrowth,

dhiyanu87 said...

Iam dhiyanesh 25 age. i have hair fall and dandruff too, can u suggest any idea for me. i need the regrowth

shaik said...

hai prasanna im shaik faraz,,im doin my mtech,,i have a problem related my hair fall,,im 24 now,,..from 1 year onwards im getting my hair very very thin and when i supposed to do slightly like massage to my hair then my hair fall exists ther,,just touching to my hair i can see falling some 12-20 hairs,,im in a big confusion wat to do,,i just gone to apply egg,curd and lemon weekly to my hair but no use,..i have a problem of dandruff also,,my hair is breaking from its root,,,and some pimples also exists on my scalp due to heat in my body,,so i gone to a dermatalogist,he prescribed me to use hair-4-u solution,cefadrox tab,8x shampoo and radiance tablets,,,so can u plz help me for my problem,,,wat should i do,plzz mail me for ur support at

shaik said...

hai prasanna im shaik faraz,,im doin my mtech,,i have a problem related my hair fall,,im 24 now,,..from 1 year onwards im getting my hair very very thin and when i supposed to do slightly like massage to my hair then my hair fall exists ther,,just touching to my hair i can see falling some 12-20 hairs,,im in a big confusion wat to do,,i just gone to apply egg,curd and lemon weekly to my hair but no use,..i have a problem of dandruff also,,my hair is breaking from its root,,,and some pimples also exists on my scalp due to heat in my body,,so i gone to a dermatalogist,he prescribed me to use hair-4-u solution,cefadrox tab,8x shampoo and radiance tablets,,,so can u plz help me for my problem,,,wat should i do,plzz mail me for ur support at

Anonymous said...


Has anyone tried Dutas ( Dutastride ) recently, i heard its better than Finax or Finestride, and impact is much better, Please share your thoughts on this...


pappu said...

sir, i want to know that can i use finpecia tablets

pappu said...

i m lossing my hair too much, my age is 21 can i use finpecia tablets??

Tomjeffy said...

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Anonymous said...


i dont know to what extent its true but i have been hearing that if ppl rub there nails to eachother of there hands for about 15min a day, hair falling and the whitening would stop and also chances of growing new hair.Have u ever heard about this teatment, its more or less belongs to yoga.

Anonymous said...

Guy's check nice info on this blog
Hair Loss Treatment/Vitamins/Supplement vs Cost/Value Perspective in India

Dilip said...

The link could stump all of you. I found it by mistake and spoke to this guy and he confirmed the min blowing results, he got with Segals Solutions. The link is:

Now this could be big breather to all, as a natural alternate to Minoxidil and Finpecia. The post looks to be a very genuine one as it is given with name, and mail-id

Anonymous said...

Nice information Prasanna,
Also see this blog Hair Loss/Treatment/Cost and few other things in India
Some really nice information given.


Anonymous said...

hi all , the information here is informative and useful , by posting the following comment I am not offence to any one . I have seen cases who use finasteride and saw palmetto both acts as anti androgenic ,i.e usage of saw palmetto also has a side effects of sexual dysfunctionalities varying from minor to major

PS: I am not a medical practioner , this information which I collected from different research labs through my friends .

Anonymous said...

Did anyone experience a hair loss when they started using Tugain? I have started using about 3 weeks back and experiencing a lot of hair loss.

shiva said...

thank you so much for your advice

Satya said...

hi Prassana,
Can u tell me the difference between tugain 5 & tugain 10. Which one is more effective & which should I use if I am suffering from pattern baldness(starting phase at sides of the forehead) and hair loss (severe).

Thanks in advance,

axeteve blog and hairloss said...

@Satya I'll advice you to start with 5% minoxidil (tugain 5) and if you find its not working for you then gradually you can increase it to 10% portioning.

zeeshan said...

hi this s zeeshan iam using tugain n expericieng some hair growth n experiencing lots of itch in scalp.... plzz hep also how long to use it....

Karthikeyan said...

Hi Prasanna,

Can you suggest any dermatologist in Chennai with their location details?

Karthikeyan Murthy.

Praveen said...

Friends, my advice is not to go for quackery products. Also Minoxidil could be avoided given it's side effects. Further, we should not take chances with our hair with any untested, cheap products. Better to go for quality products that are proven and deal with people who are transparent in their approach and not commercial minded like Batras.
After lots of research on the net, I came across a product called Segals Solutions and got it from Chennai. Believe me, this product has got almost half my hair back in about 5-6 months time and I am seeing better results every day. It is a natural product range and is scientifically developed and tested. For the help of all, you may visist their site, and see how Segals is far superior to any other option in India.

Anonymous said...

hello prsanna
ihave been using tugain 10% for the past 6 months. but a few days back i experienced severe itching on my scalp so i discontinued it for a week. will it affect my hair? also i suffered hairfall due to this itching. wat shud i do to get rid of itching?

Anonymous said...

hello doctor, im 22 yrs old I was having severe hairfall for the past 5 years, i started using minox+finpecia 4 months back, my hairfall stopped after 2 months, but I have been working in night shifts for the last one month, and now i see that my hairfall has once again started as it was when I started using the minoxidil 4 months back, is this ordinary, or am I not responding to the medication, or should I stop working in night shifts.

z said...

I was using
tugain solution 5%.
vb7 forte tablets.
Finalo 1mg tablets
for past 1 yr. But I stop these medicines after 7 month and only continue tugain 5% solution. During this period I got good result. But all of a sudden after continues use also my hair start falling again with large number. Tell me it is normal or i should wait for some time.. So that it may recover my fallen hair..
As per ur concern.. I have not changed my place, i staying to that place only, i don't smoke, and i don't take outside food also. Can u please tell me it is normal or something serious? Because i read in ur article dat some dead hair will fall and that will come fast.. But in my case dat falling hair is more..Pls reply me soon.. I need an urgent answer.. Should i need to continue my medicine i.e tablets.. pls reply soon..

yuvi said...

Anonymous said...

hello doctor, im 22 yrs old I was having severe hairfall for the past 5 years, i started using minox+finpecia 4 months back, my hairfall stopped after 2 months, but I have been working in night shifts for the last one month, and now i see that my hairfall has once again started as it was when I started using the minoxidil 4 months back, is this ordinary, or am I not responding to the medication, or should I stop working in night shifts(which is not possible though...)

santiago said...

Hi Prasanna,
This gopi from bangalore am 25
i am having hair fall problem for 5-6 years finally dermatologist advised me to use Finabald-1mg, folgroom tab, ketafung shampoo.minscalp gel-5%, I used this for 3-4 months and result was unbeleivable. But i heard from some of my friends that finabald tab has side effects like it will cause sexual problems and male breast tenderness or enlargement. So i stopped tablets gradually i stopped minscalp gel. Then the hair fall strtd again it was like hell. so aftr a while again i strtd the medication and i shaved my head as per the doctor for applying gel directly to scalp. and i loss my hair in both side of the head and back. i never seen such kind of hair loss or baldness in anybody . strtd medication gradually it came but stil wen stop medication i can see te same problem. i am worried about the side effects of the tablets and i cant stop the medication the i am getting strange kind of baldness. Have you heard about the side effects has anybody told.?

Aaron said...

Hi Prasana ,

Am , Aaron from Hyd am using the TUGAIN 5% if i use these 3or 5 months its possible for me hair will grow back i lost my hair very much and using tablet also

Aaron said...

Hi Prasana,i have just started applying tugain 5% solution is it possible for me hair will grow back .


Aaron said...

i have just started applying tugain 5% solution as prescribed by my doc

Anonymous said...

Hi, i am Sid, 22 yrs\ male....
I started suffering from Hair Loss since a couple of yrs..(hereditary!)

I have been using Tugain 5 foam since last 45 days...
before that i used Minoxidil 5% sol (liquid form) for 30 days...then I
trimmed my hair almost to d extent of getting bald... started using Foam form of Minoxidil ....

Now i hav seen a little increase in the Vertex region hair density...
Also i have started getting fine hair in d Frontal region (in the region where my hairline had receded)...
i am taking Finax tablets and Biotin tabets ... 1 everyday....

Akshay 'akky' Jadye said...

Hi Prasanna, thank you for this awesomely informative blog.

I just wanted to ask whether someone here knows where to get the 'segal solutions' in INDIA?
I searched on ebay, amazon but couldn't find.

Thank you.

nowfal said...

Hi prasana....can u pls tell me....does using fi nabald results in any sexual problems

Anonymous said...

Hi ..

I have read about many side effects of Finasteride .. is it really harmful? can anyone share first hand experiences?

Anonymous said...

on my cousin's advice i used segals solution.I checked many reviews and thought it would make wonders.I used it for more than 7-8 months.results are zero.I almost lost greater part of my hair while using it.Please don't promote such useless products without a trail..however that is not FDA approved.

saro said...

Hi prasanna...
I have frontal baldness..six years back i did hair straightening. from that my hair started falling in the front part alone.(because i combed in opposite direction after straightening). shall i use tugain after consulting with a doctor.please help me..

saro said...

Hi prasanna...
I have frontal baldness..six years back i did hair straightening. from that my hair started falling in the front part alone.(because i combed in opposite direction after straightening). shall i use tugain after consulting with a doctor.please help me..

Anonymous said...

sir please help me I've made a fool out of myself.... i was not having any hair fall..i aplied exces of Amexidil spray to my hair for few days. ...nw i really have hair fall...dandruff. .. i am doing modeling. . my career is spoilt. ... doctors don't respond properly

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
First if all thanks to prassana for initiating this blog. I reached this blog while analysing the reasons and solution for male pattern loss. In last 2 days I gone through 100s of wesite and come to the conclusion that male pattern loss whether hereditary is curable thats too with natural or herbal means....Although what prasanna has suggested is quiet useful and proved solution but it may have certain side effects.
I read at many wesites that Saw Palmetto is a natural herb indigenious to America but found in capsule form in India also. Some examples are Segal from canada, cipla etc.
Both saw palmetto and finesteride( propecia, finpecia etc.) works on same principle i.e. inhibit the production of DHT. So the question is why go for chemicals. Even pumpkin oil have shown good results.
So I request prasanna to encourage constructive discussion and sharing of ideas related to use of saw palmetto. As I myself had not used saw palmetto but it need to be discussed and asked to everyone than only we can come to know about its advantages.

Best wishes to everyone!

Santosh said...

Hi Prassana,
thank's for the info..My Doctor prescribed me to take---
1 Morr F 5 % Soln.
3 keraglo forte tablets,
For my hair treatment, so i will try it. One things i would inform u that i almost lost 90% of my hair on top head.

Santosh said...

Hi Prassana,
thank's for the info..My Doctor prescribed me to take---
1 Morr F 5 % Soln.
3 keraglo forte tablets,
For my hair treatment, so i will try it. One things i would inform u that i almost lost 90% of my hair on top head.

Venkatraman said...

Saw Palmetto at mild concentrations won't produce any side effects. Side effects with Saw Palmetto could be seen only when taken above 200 or 250 mg per day. Though the action of both may be the same, Finasteride, in any case is a poison

Sadiq Ali said...

Hello Prasanna,
I am using Mintop for past 1 month. Hope that will work. but i dont have any idea about finasteride. Pls suggest the tablet. because using both can be more effective i suppose.
My doc has provided me follihair for nutrition along with minoxidil.
Pls suggest finasteride and directions... thanks..

Ashwin Dhanesan said...

hello prasanna,
i have started using tugain gel 5 yesterday.The dr said i have to use it for atleast 6 mnths to get question is can i stop this medicine after desirable results?will stoppage of this medicine cause hair fall again?wats ur experience?


Guru Marathe said...

hi Prasanna,
yesterday i had been to doctor, he is famous in bangalore.
he has given the tablets as finabald and same gel to apply on head and one more table, he told me to share my head and apply, i have shaved head,
before taking medicine i always check in google for side effects,
the chemical is finasteroid, which makes testestore less in our body, also makes guys imoptence. less ejacuation, very much problem in sexual errection. is that true? i m totally afraid now.. without hair is also fine for me.. but loosing those things,, terrible
please give your contact number m suggest me. now how u r feeling.. personal life? any problem?

Anonymous said...

Hey Prasanna,

I am 24 and i started losing hair on my temple. I have been using mintop, finast and biotin since a week. Keeping my fingers crossed
Keeping my fingers crossed. Your blog gave me quite an assurance though.


Nayan said...

am 26 years old and suffering major hairfall when visited to a dermatologist; he prescribed me Minoxidil Topical Solutions – Coverit – 2%, Trigaine Shampoo and Extend Forte. It has been 10 days I am using Minoxidil lotion twice on the scalp, but my hairfall has suddenly become too severe (the number is almost doubled). I am very worried as I had two times before visited other dermatologists who had suggested me MX 5% and Hair 4 u 5%, I had faced same problem and discontinued using them. This time I had some hopes, but it seems things are not in my favour.

Please suggest what should I do, shall I continue with the medicines? Or see for another dermatologist?

I don’t know whether it is male pattern baldness or not as it is happening since 10 years now and may be hairs are growing back, but this time they are really started thinning.

sai219 said...

hi prasanna
i am getting lost my hair when i bathed and when i am applying oil
to avoid that i am using zincovit tablets and iron syrup.
still it didnt stopped wat should i do??
my gmail

sai219 said...

hi prasanna
i am getting lost my hair help me
ia m using iron syrup and zincovit tablets to avoid that still it didnt stopped wat shud i do

JayVengs said...

Hi Prasanna , My jayant i am 28 years old and suffering from the same problem. I have frontal type of baldness and according to ( you and my brother's) suggestion i started using Tugain but it says it doesn't treat frontal baldness please advice.

Also 2 months i have been using Tugain, Zincovet and Finastride but still i loose many hair. Please advice bro.

Sailesh said...

Whatever said and done, a drug or a chemical is bound to have side-effects. Minoxidil and Finasteride are proven more for side-effects than effects. Though these may be "FDA approved (sic !!!)", till date nobody knows the mechanism of working of Minoxidil. WoW ! Great jod, FDA ! Guys, get everything with money, Uncle Sam and corporate lobbying ! And, see the FDA approval for Merck's Finasteride - the sample size was a mere 260 individuals. What FDA approvals are we talking about? Where is the hurry to take a risk.
Get closer to nature to find a cure. Get away from drugs, chemicals, junk food, artficial flavourings, etc. etc.. That's another lobby ! Already, the food is GM now and then, laden with pesticides. there's a limitation to avoid all this but do the best you can. Then, 2nd thing: improve your lifestyle (a big topic). Just get up a little early (sorry to guys doing night jobs, but that contributes to metabolic degradation. Know, can't leave your job but balance as much as possible). 3rd-Go for good quality, Natural, fortified hair products. Look for SLS free shampoos (example - Segals Solutions brand). And lastly, balanced nutrition, no extremities in life please.
There's no chance of hairloss with all the above. Shun Minoxidil and Finasteride

Anonymous said...

Read your article you have mentioned finasterid. what about its dangerous side effects like impotency, testicular pan, contraction of testis and others.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys

anybody using finasteride will face side effects.the tablet name may be finabald,xpecia etc etc..its dangerous..

kk said...

anybody using ssegals solution.does it realy work ?please reply

v.umesh said...

Hi All
I am clear Finesteride & Minoxidil are the only solution for male pattern hair loss. Do any one have best doctors to suggest these medicines, please provide info

v.umesh said...

Hi All
I am clear Finesteride & Minoxidil are the only solution for male pattern hair loss. Do any one have best doctors to suggest these medicines in CHENNAI, please provide info

v.umesh said...

Hi All
I am clear Finesteride & Minoxidil are the only solution for male pattern hair loss. Do any one have best doctors to suggest these medicines in CHENNAI, please provide info

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna,

The artical is very informative for all people who are suffering hair loss problem like me. I recently visited to a dermatologist for my hair loss problem and he dint diagonised just looking at my scalp, upon my oral explaination he prescribed me few medicines I.e, Minscalp- F 5% (minoxidil & finasteride topical solution), Tarry Shine Lotion (prepared coal tar & ketoconazole lotion), Bio-HGF Forte and Prosfer+ Tablets. This treatment has to be continued for three months.

Kindly suggest whether these medicines are safe enough to continue or not, since I started using it from past one week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna,

Can we use hair oil after applying this tugain 5% gel.

Anonymous said...

SEGAL SOLUTIONS ARE A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY FOR HAIR LOSS DUE TO MALE PATTERN BALDNESS.Please DO NOT BUY.This pulkit fellow is part of segal solutions marketing team.there are other people like him in other forum like yahoo answers.. I have tried their products for one and a half years with NO BENEFIT only softens or hair marginally.. something that can be easily achieved from normal herbal shampoos that you get in or local store.the only product of theirs worth buying is their hair gel product.even that has lost its quality with time.when I bought it first time,the gel was brownish in color with very good hold..but when I recently purchased it from them it was a transparent color gel with hardly any hold at all..also I'm a guy in my 20's with very very small receding hair line.the reason why I mentioned this is because at time these people say the product didn't work because you are too old.

Anonymous said...

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Steven said...

A very informative website, It's a good read..

abhishek said...

Hi Prasanna,
Dermatologist suggested me to use Finabald - Finasteride tablets 1mg...
but i have seen reviews for this in google..Reviews are showing that side effects are more like headaches and Ejaculations problems ...please tell me as you have used. is there any aide effects with this?? please reply me asap to

Anonymous said...

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Tony Mohapatra said...

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Hi Prassana

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Tony Mohapatra said...

Hi Prassana

I am recently facing hair loss problem.So i have consulted one dermotologist he has suggested me to take Keraglo Men(1) per day and one shampoo Xgain.After one month i have not found any success story.So again i have discussed with him.He has suggested to take Keraglo Men for minimum 3 months and also changed the shampoo from Xgain to Alpecin(twice per a week).Pls suggest me whether i am in the right path of my treatment or not.Also i am using coconut oil.


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veera ragavan said...

Hi Prasanna,

As doctor suggested i am using FINEPECIA and ASTYFER-Z tablets and TUGAIN 10% HAIR OIL for more than six months . Wats problem for me is hair is going long but there is no good density growth. Can you plz suggest me which one medicine is good for hair density .

Does these medicines will create any side effects like impotency???

Sai Prasanna said...

Hi Prasanna,

I am suffering from hair loss from the past 6 months.And even i consulted doctor for hair loss ,Doctor prescribed me
1.Mintop 5% forte foam
3.Hair supplement soflets
4.Cipla Anti dandruff shampoo
And I have been using them from one 1month and noticed little hair growth in frontal part.But my problem is by using mintop 5% my facial hair has been increased to great extent.What happens if i switch from Mintop 5% to 2%.

Sai Prasanna said...

Hi Prasanna,

I am suffering from hair loss from the past 6 months.And even i consulted doctor for hair loss ,Doctor prescribed me
1.Mintop 5% forte foam
3.Hair supplement soflets
4.Cipla Anti dandruff shampoo
And I have been using them from one 1month and noticed little hair growth in frontal part.But my problem is by using mintop 5% my facial hair has been increased to great extent.What happens if i switch from Mintop 5% to 2%.

Sai Prasanna said...

Hi Prasanna,

I am suffering from hair loss from the past 6 months.And even i consulted doctor for hair loss ,Doctor prescribed me
1.Mintop 5% forte foam
3.Hair supplement soflets
4.Cipla Anti dandruff shampoo
And I have been using them from one 1month and noticed little hair growth in frontal part.But my problem is,By using mintop 5% my facial hair has been increased to great extent and also my face becomes some what black after using mintop 5%.What happens if i switch from Mintop 5% to 2% please suggest me.

prabhat kumar said...

Mintop has a sideeffect it effects the sexual performance and sexual hormones of boys

durai said...

hi prasanna now am consulted doctor and take treatement for past one month. actually my problem is dandruff and heavy hairfall. in my forehead can have am applying tugain and take tablets. but my hairfall is not stop. wat can i do

durai said...

hi prasanna in my front headcan have baldness.any chance to grow new hair..

psp said...

Hi prasanna ,

My name is prasanna i have taking the medicine for hairloss from past 3months but after bath more then 70 to 80 hair falling contuines. And also itchy in sclap large amount of dandruff i am using mx-5(minoxidil 5) and tablet is cutimin normal so give any direction pls help me

vinred said...

which is better and best among {mintop,tugain,mx,hair4u}...please suggest me!!!
For how many months i have to use this lotion to stop hair fall and maintain my newly grown hair??...

vinred said...

which is better and best among {mintop,tugain,mx,hair4u}...please suggest me!!!
For how many months i have to use this lotion to stop hair fall and maintain my newly grown hair??...

Anonymous said...

Majik Hair Fiber Provides instant result in 10 second only try this magical product,by hair fiber spray africa

Anonymous said...

I am 50 years old with vertex and occipital baldness patches
I am using Segals Hair solution ( Segals advance Hair Root Formula + Segals Hair Supplement capsules+ Segals advanced Hair shampoo+Segals Advanced Hair conditioner) along with their once a week serum and daily hair conditioner. I am also taking Tab Biotin 5 mg and Cap Prosarine once a day.
I am using these products for the past 5 months but have seen no hair growth, but on the contrary have lost lot of hair during this period.
I am not sure whether to continue with this treatment and also for how long

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna,

Your Blog is definitely quite informative however I would like to know whether after having the medicines & solution + shampoo did you solve your hair fall problem?
Even I have hair fall problem which increased in the past year so I went to Berkowits. Any feedback as to how effective are they?
Would really appreciate any input.


Rahul Singh's Blog said...

My friends, dont ever use this Segal solution. This is shit and a fake product. I have devoted 1 year and thousands of rupees on this product. But it made my problem even worse. This is some fake product from Canada. They dont have FDA approval. They just make up the story.
Dont use it ever. It will make your hair loss problem even worse. Thats an honest opinion based on personal usage.

balaji said...

hi, I have been experiencing severe loss of hair, I tried natural methods like applying curry leaves sap,onion sap and egg helped to a little yet din't show effective results,
I started using mintop minioxidii 2mg, it started showing results a little atlast I checked my doctor he suggested me to use minioxidii 10 mg tugain solution, Xgain shampoo
finasteride and other one tablet(not sure).
Food control is a must along with these tablets to see fast results,
have enough dates and gooseberries

Angoor C said...

Hi Prasanna

Can you please let your readers know that this is also available online at

David Warner said...

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sani pearl said...

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Ved Prakash said...

I m using minoxidil 5% solution prescribed by doctor, bt after using it , my hair got dry & it falling also. Please suggest what should I do.

Anonymous said...

i am 23yr old girl i have severe hair fall due to pcos . i consulted doctor he prescribed
-> Aferite
-> finabald 2.5 mg
-> kera xl

for 3 months
and -> cutimin forte

but in site i saw that girls should not take finabald tablets
i have alredy taken for 3 months
again he has told to continue 3 more months
so can i any side effects for girls

please give full details please im tensed

Hair Transplant Ahmedabad said...

Ahmedabad is safe for the hair replacement procedures and other kind of techniques used in hair regrowth. Doctors shows the plantation pictures for the clear understanding of the patients.

John Dudley said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm a pharma student and and what pulkit is saying abt munoxidil is 100% true. Hair growth actually its side effect and many Dr dont even when they priscribe this for hai treatment.

John Dudley said...

Diminish has experienced male pattern baldness from an young age. How ever he has defeat this with Hair Loss Treatment Delhi. Dwindle wishes to share his experiences and hair loss advice with you

Prappanna Arya said...

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Prabath said...

Has anyone tried Platelets Rich plasma injections from kaya's Clinic yet? the new technology is growth factor injections on scalp called QR 678 factor injections..its quite cheap as well...injecting your own platelets rich plasma on scalp

sajendra pandey said...

Hi prasanna
i'm 26 years old and i'm using Tugain 10% for 2 years
initially i used 1 ml solution per day and the result was threw out the thin layer of dandruff on my scalp which i used to feel.that layer was caused due to over use of liquid medicine when my scalp was effected by fugal.
now it is free from fungal infection.
later i used Tugain 10% 3 ml per day more then the doctor told me to use 1 ml per day.Now i think the same kind os thin layer of dandruff has covered over my scalp.i have stopped using Tugain because my scalp condition is gradually decreasing to previous condition.
So please do you have any suggestion what should i do?
should is stop using Tugain solution?
will it again works in the same way at the initial stage if i will use it after some months?
Do you have some idea to remove such side effects i.e,the thin layer of dandruff over my scalp?
i'm also using the tablets medicine and shampoo as told by doctor but it is also not working . what should i do?
3 ml of Tugain solution used to require if i use it totally over my scalp.So has this 3 ml per day caused over dose or it is ok for my total scalp because my total scalp is effected.
Please give so suggestion
Hoping for good response thank you

shravan kumar said...

Hi My Name is Shravan
I am very careful about my all the time,slowly from past 1 plus i am seeing of loosing my hair,i consulted a doctor he suggested me to use follihair.after using that it doesnt showed me any positive effect or any negative effect,of course i research every single medicine before is use.when i saw after one year the hair density is lowing down i researched the best doctor and consulted him he gave me some medicines like finepecia 1mg,tugain 5%,x-gain shampoo.i already know these medicines side effects,the doctor thought like i was new to this hair loss field so that he can blame me with his tricks,all these have side effects mostly finpecia(it effects sex problems),better than these medicines follihair is best.from this i would like to ask one thing is there any other medicine i can use along with follihair.

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