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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mp3 Ring Tones

Tamil Mp3 Ringtones


I use to create ring tones by cutting and editing mp3 songs for using it in my mobile. Now I am posting it for the benefit of all and its totally free. You can download and use it in your mobile phones.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Improve your English

Are you bad at English writing and speaking?

Do you want to improve your English?

Do you want your accent sound like the native speakers?

Then I am one of you who is a non native English speaker and desperately wanted to improve the English skills. Now through numerous methods I've changed my accent and my writing skills from "very bad" level to acceptable level. Now I can understand the native speakers, English movies and English music. I also want everyone to know the methods that I've used to improve my skills. So that you can also improve, you’re writing, reading, speaking and listening skills in English. You can also help your children to improve their English Skills.

The reasons for my poor English skills are

1. The school I studied was bad in English teaching. Though it was an English Medium, teachers use to teach all subjects, including English subject, in my mother tongue.
2. I didn't get chance to speak with any body in English until I join College.
3. No one helped me to correct my speaking errors even now.
4. Even few people whom I use to have conversation in English were worse than I was.
5. And off course, I am not a native speaker to speak fluently and pronounce correctly.

All these things ruined my English skills. It could also be the reason for your poor English.
Four important skills in learning a language are Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.


It is the process of recognizing the words and sentences of the language thereby understand the meaning in it. For this you need to have good vocabulary to understand words and good grammatical skills to understand the meaning of the sentences. Only way to improve your vocabulary is Reading English Paper, books.

Vocabulary - To understand Words

Take a highlighter, pencil or pen and read the book. As and when you encounter a new vocabulary mark it with highlighter and continue reading. By this time don't worry about the meaning of the sentence. At the end of the chapter find out the meaning of highlighted words and write it down in the book itself. After finding meanings of all the highlighted words, read the chapter again. Now you can almost get the meaning of every sentence in the chapter. If the chapter is so long, then there must be a logical separation in the pages. It would be so much boring when you start doing it. Reading a single book may even take about 6 months time. However, it doesn't matter when you consider the amount of vocabulary your gaining.

Initially read the books of single author. Because the authors use to write with set of vocabulary, they knew. So when you read the book of the same author again, then you can possibly finish the book so quickly then you did first time. When I started reading the Sidney Sheldon fiction books, I took 3 months to finish the first book (400 pages). However, the fourth book took just one week of time to finish.

Get one of the Following books and start doing above steps

1. If tomorrow comes, Sidney Sheldon
2. Rage of Angels, Sidney Sheldon
3. Are you afraid of Dark? Sidney Sheldon
4. Naked Face, Sidney Sheldon
5. Not a penny more Not a penny less, Jeffery Archer
6. False impression, Jeffery Archer
7. Digital Fortress, Dan Brown
8. Angels and Demons, Dan Brown

Personality Development
1. Monk who sold his Ferrari
2. Who moved my cheese?
3. One minute manager
4. Seven Habits of highly effective people

I read these books to improve my knowledge. However, choice of the book is off-course yours.

Subscribe to a daily newspaper and read at least single page with the use of dictionary. Choose any interesting section in the newspaper for reading. Someone like sports, someone like business and someone like international. Whatever you like, just have the habit of reading newspaper everyday. This is so easy since you don’t have to spend much time in vocabulary improvement and simultaneously you can get the general knowledge.

Grammar - To understand Sentence

You must know English grammar to understand the sentences. Even if you read many fiction books and newspaper, only learning grammar makes you understand the proper meaning of sentences. Therefore, you have to use a self-Study grammar book with answers for exercises. The book I am using is "Advanced Grammar in Use (with answers) - Martin Hewings - Cambridge University". I haven't completed this book yet and that’s why you could find lot of mistakes in my writing.


Listening is second level of complexity in English. Unlike reading here you can't go back to read the sentence again or look up the words in dictionary. In addition, you have to understand the accent of the person your listening. Things would become too difficult if you supposed to speak with native speakers. If you do have, mp3 player then put some audio books in it and listen it with hard copy in your hand. You can get free audio books in You can also find good material in the following websites. You can listen to English radio like NPR (American news) or English Dramas like "Friends" with subtitle. That will improve your listening skills to greater extent : Contains Almost Everything : Free Audio Books.


Writing is third level of complexity in English. Because in reading you just need to recognize the words and sentences. However, in writing you have to remember the words and sentence to reproduce it over the paper or email without any mistakes. Again, read the grammar book and improve the vocabulary in the same way you did for reading. However, in writing you need someone to correct your mistakes. You may verify it with your close friends. To some extent, Microsoft Word will check minor errors in sentences. You can also use following site to do spell and grammar check.


This is highest level of complexity in English. Here you need to recall the vocabulary, grammar instantaneously to form the sentence. If you have a companion then you can speak in English with him, you can select a topic and do group discussion. Even if you don’t have any companion, you just imagine that your doing a presentation or your in a group discussion and speak out loud in your house. You can records your voice in the mp3 player or computer to hear it again.

First, download an audio book with soft copy hear it. Then you read the book and record your voice. Find out the difference between native reader and you. This will help you to correct your accent. You can also get some American Accent training course to improve your English. The course I've used is"Improve Your American English Accent - Charlsie Childs” with audio CDs. Everyday I used to hear this course for at least 30 minutes. You can either buy it legally or get it from torrents. However, I recommend you to buy it.

There are different techniques you need to learn when speaking. You can learn it only through Accent training course. However, the most effective way to improve your accent could be joining the accent-training institute. Nowadays lots of accent training centers are available to train the BPO employees. However, this is a bit costly which could be around 15000 Rupees.

Useful Websites

You can visit following websites to improve your speaking and writing skills. : Contains Almost Everything : Free Audio Books. : Improve your Grammar skills : Free Books : Online Dictionary : Pod cast to improve your vocabulary

Article By:
Prasanna Jayaraman

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