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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hair Loss

Hello Visitors,

This blog is created this to bring awareness to the people who are suffering from hair loss and don't have any idea on what should be done to prevent the hair loss.

I am in India and got hair loss problem for the past 7 years. I have tried many treatments to prevent hair loss, this includes Ayurvedic, sidha, homeopathy etc. I didn't see any results from them.

From all these treatments, Following is the only treatment to be effective in stopping hair loss and this is prescribed by a dermatologist.


1. Finastride(Tablet)
2. MinTop or Tugain (5% Minoxidil) solution. (To apply directly on scalp)
3. Kz Lotion (Ketoconazole Lotion 2%) by H & H Pharmaceutica Pvt Ltd (shampo)
4. Zincovit(Tablet)

Note: I am not suggesting anybody these medicines. You have to consult a dermatologist if you want to take these medicines.

But if you want to take a treatment then just go to the dermatologist and do not spend thousands to bugs towards any treatment that promises re growth of your hair.

Time Frame

When I started the treatment in my college days I used to set my expectation to just 10-1 month days. After that period when I didn't get any results then, I simply stopped taking the treatment. Because every one wants to get results in few days and it is different in hair loss.

This might shock quite a few of you.. Hair grows in three phases, Anagen, Catagen and telogen. Anagen is the growth period, catagen is the transition period and telogen is the resting period of your hair where it doesn't grow, just stays dormant for a while.

Now when people shed hair, what they don't realize is, this hair has been in telogen for at least 3 months! Only THEN does it shed. It doesn't shed just like that in the midst of its growth.

I'll give you an example.. 'A' buys a 'hair loss oil!' .. goes home!.. 'A' has been shedding hair since the past week like anything, all over the pillow and bathroom floor.. now 'A' applies the oil and 2 days later says it helped his shedding! It is SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE that any hair loss treatment kick in within a MINIMUM of 2 months! because of your hair cycle! your hair is already in telogen and it HAD to fall whether you applied oil or not because it had gone into the telogen state since 3 Months! and applying oil will not change states.. get what i mean?

This is the BEST way of spotting a scam product! if ANY product says you'll get results within 2 weeks, within a month, its FAKE! because its scientifically Impossible! For ANY product to work you need to give it a MINIMUM of 3 to 6 months for your hair to go through their cycles and SHOW you VISIBLE improvement. Doctors recommend their patients to take the treatment at LEAST a year before thinking if its helped or not.

Don't buy scam products

Almost 90% of hair loss products are scams. And you can find thousands of products available in India that claims regrowth in a months time.

First, most of them don't penetrate the scalp deep enough to reach the follicle.

Second, DHT has been found to be the main cause of male pattern baldness. Finastride is the only pill that is approved by FDA for controlling it. A pill being approved by the FDA does not simply mean it wont kill you. There're LOADS and LOADS of studies backing up Finasteride the product thats in propecia, which happens to be the number 1 hairloss treatment in the world at the moment.


A pharmaceutical company reportedly sought to find the smallest effective quantity of finasteride and test its long-term effects on 1,553 men between ages 18 and 41 with mild to moderate thinning hair. Based on their research, 1 mg. daily was selected, and after two years of daily treatment, over 83% of the 1,553 men experiencing male hair loss had actually maintained or increased their hair count from baseline. Visual assessments concluded that over 80% had improved appearances.


FDA clinical trials showed that 65% of men with androgenetic alopecia maintained or increased their hair count from the use of minoxidil 5% in liquid form. 54% of these men experienced moderate to dense regrowth and 46% experienced hair loss stabilisation and mild regrowth.

In controlled clinical studies of women aged 18-45, two out of three women with moderate degrees of hereditary hair loss reported re-growth after using 2% minoxidil. Initial results occur at four months with maximum results occurring at eight months

Myths About Hair Loss

There are many myths regarding the possible causes of baldness and its relationship with one's virility, intelligence, ethnicity, job, social class, wealth etc. While skepticism is warranted due to lack of scientific validation, some of these myths may have a degree of underlying truth.

  • "You inherit baldness from your mother's father."
    Research has also shown that a person with a balding father also has a significantly greater chance of experiencing hair loss.
  • "Intellectual activity or psychological problems can cause baldness."
  • "One's ethnicity can increase the chances of going bald."

  • "Baldness can be caused by emotional stress, sexual frustration etc."
  • "Bald men are more 'virile' or sexually active than others."

  • "Shaving hair makes it grow back stronger"
    Proposed as a popular remedy against baldness, it is very probably just an illusion similar to the one perceived after shaving one's beard or mustache. Shaving one's head doesn't increase the number of healthy hair present on the scalp, and, after the remaining hair has grown a few millimeters, no enhancement in thickness or overall quality can be observed.

  • "Frequent ejaculation causes baldness"
    There are many misconceptions about what can help prevent hairloss, one of these being that frequent ejaculation may have an influence on MPB. Depending on frequency, it can raise or lower plasma testosterone. The claim that frequent ejaculations can cause baldness is often viewed with skepticism.

  • "Standing on one's head alleviates baldness"
    While Minoxidil is a vasodilator and is speculated to work, in part, by increasing blood flow to hair follicles, there is no evidence that standing on one's head can alleviate baldness.

  • "Tight hats cause baldness."
    While this may be a myth, hats do cause hair breakage and, to a lesser degree, split ends. Since hats are not washed as frequently as other clothing, they can also lead to scalp uncleanliness and possible Pityrosporum ovale contamination in men with naturally oily scalps.

For More Information, check the following URL.


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Ram said...

Hi Prassana,
Article is very informative.
Thanks for such a consolidated blog on hair loss.


Kevin said...

Nice info there, however could you be more specific about the direction to use. Also, please let me know if all the specified medications need to be used.. thanks!

Prasanna said...

Hi Kevin,

These medicines are prescribed by my Doctor.

I am applying Tugain 5% directly on the scalp twice a day(1 ml).
KZ lotion (Shampoo) 3 times a week.

Remaining two medicines are tablets. I think you should consult a doctor to take this tablets.


vinay2080 said...

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Pulkit said...

Hi Prasanna,
The article is informative in some aspects but factually incorrect in some. Remember, Finasteride, Minoxidil, Rogaine are not the only solutions for similar results. If you say, you haven't got results with ayurvedic,herbal treatments, it is most likely that you would have not visited professionals in these fields.
Saw Palmetto, a herb of South American origin has been clinically tested and proven by research to be more effective than Finasteride....all the natural way, without side effects. Umpteen testimonials can be seen on the net. Saw Palmetto nutritionally promotes the inhibition of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. Inhibiting this enzyme is important because of its ability to convert testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Thus the action of Saw Palmetto is similar to what Finasteride is designed for.
Imagine a hair supplement that has Saw Palmetto, Kelp, Stinging Nettle, Fo-Ti, Biotin, Inositol, Rosemary, Horsetail extract and some anti-oxidants as it's ingredients. Your allopathic drugs are no match for such a compound and again the side-effects, conditions attached, S/P, C/I, etc are well documented. Besides, price is a factor. Yes, I understand there is a problem in identifying such a compound. Let me suggest readers the Canadian "SEGALS" brand of Advanced Hair Supplement and their Segals Advanced Scalp Formula. It works wonders, much more than Finastride/Tugain combination. Visible results appear in 4-6 weeks. However, comprehensive results can be seen only after 4 months of consistent usage. To that extent, Prasanna's observation is also correct. Lot to write but time -constraints...... Refer the site - for more details. Awesome results with the Segals range of products, finally and fortunately available in India. READERS, GO FOR THE NATURAL WAY TO ARREST HAIR LOSS....u needn't be told the reasons for this...

P.S: Minoxidil was first discovered as a drug in the 70s as atreatment for hypertension. Arresting Hairloss was only a side-effect. How many doctors in India would even know this ! Doctors in India prescribe it more for arresting hair loss than for the real reason for which it was meant ! ! Because, doctors play in the hand of the pharma lobby thru''s commerce...Beware.
Trust nature, nothing above it....

Noor said...

Really nice information given here. I am using Mintop 5% from past 2 years and I have managed to get some hair back. I totally agree with the information given above.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prassana,
Information provided by you is really nice and help full. Can you please provide cost of each medicine which you have specified?
And also please specify doctors or hair specialist name who can be contacted in mumbai.

Prasanna said...

Hi Nirav,

Please consult any dermatologist(skin doctor) nearby your house. You can find the one in any multi-specialty hospital in mumbai.

Rate of the medicine is not so high.
Tugain or Mintop 5% is just 350 Rs, kz-lotion is 150 Rs, other tablets are just 45 rs per strip.

This medicines are available at almost all medical shops in India.


sanjay said...

Hi Prassana
I saw your comments and took appointment with doctor, he has given
Finabald - 2.5 mg (Tablets)
Cosmetin (Tablets)
Tugain 5% (oil)
Triclenz Hair Cleanzer shampoo.

I am going to start this treatment from today, and for me recently it has started ( i mean begining Stage).
it will be help full if i use rite, and how long it will take to know the result ( caz for me its beginging stage ) so i am asking. any how you have given a very improtatnt information, thank for this,


Prasanna said...

Hi Sanjay,

It took me 3 months to see the results. For me, I didn't witness any new hair growth but hair fall is totally stopped.

I have been using these medicine for almost one year.


Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna,

Thanks for the very informative article.
Kindly advise if you experienced any side effects when you took the medicines mentioned.


Prasanna said...

Hi Rao,

I didn't experienced any side effects for the past one year..


Anonymous said...

Hi Prasana,

I am Ajay, 27 year old guy suffering from hair loss since lost 2 year. Information provided by you is really interesting and found it useful

In case of any other information on hair loss please post it or mail me on

Anonymous said...

Hi prasana,

This is shiv,
Doctor has asked me to take finabald 5mg once a week.. i'm not able to find finabald.. is there any alternative for it..


Prasanna said...

Hi shiv,
sorry man,
I cannot suggest alternative medicine..
I am not a doctor...
I am just one of the patient who is suffering from same problem as you people.
Please check with your doctor for alternative medicine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Prassana,

My name is Tripti I an 32myears old. I am facing this problem from last 1 year. I have lost almost 50% of my hairs. My hairs are silky and my scalp is oily because of which I have to wash my hairs every alternative day. Please suggest me can I use these product and tablets.

Prasanna said...

Hi Tripti,

Please consult a dermatologist in your city.
He will suggest you good medicines after doing diagnostics.


Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Unfortunate that you are going for minox and propecia. It will definitely produce side-effects, sooner or later. And it may be late by the time you realise it. Nothing can match alternative medicine. My brother had been on these drugs for almost 10 months and then saw adverse effects. He shifted to Segals Solutions and got dramatic results. No question of a side-effect. It worked and he has thicker stronger hair now. hair-regrowth happened to an extent of 40-50% in the vertex area in about 7 months of usage. So, for all of you, go back to basics and be close to nature.....

Anonymous said...



Can you tell me how to use KZ lotion?


Prasanna said...

Its a shampoo. Use it like the way you use normal shampoo.

Anonymous said...


iam using tugain 5% and fikax 5mg medicine.
please suggest me can i use
this kz-lotion (sampoo).

Prasanna said...

sorry man, i cannot suggest you that. I am not a doctor..

obul said...

Hi Prasanna,
I am only using Tugain(5%) and Finastride tablets for last 7 months and saw some minor good results.

some times un intentionally, I am applying Tugain more than 2m for a day(Might have happen for 5 months out of 7 months).

what (side effects) can happen because of this over dosage? Please let me know if you know.

Right now I am using Head and Shoulders shapoo.Is it cause any problems? Please let me know.

Prasanna said...

I found following article from wikipedia.

Side Effects of Minoxidil

As a drug to combat hair loss, the most common side effect is itchy scalp. Alcohol present in topical preparations may dry the scalp, resulting in dandruff.[5] In some cases minoxidil may initially cause an increase in hair loss. This is called shedding and is seen as a long-term positive effect during hair loss treatment since the shedded hair strands will regrow within a few months with renewed strength.[citation needed]

There have been cases of allergic reactions to minoxidil or the non-active ingredient propylene glycol, which is found in some forms of topical Rogaine. Large amounts of minoxidil can cause hypotension, and it has been found that using petroleum jelly or tretinoin on the scalp with minoxidil can cause too much of the drug absorption by the scalp, as can using the drug on sunburned scalps.[citations needed]

If a person uses minoxidil to stop hair loss for a length of time and then stops taking the drug, hair loss will occur again.

Other side-effects include:[citation needed]

* acne on the area where it is being used as a topical solution
* headaches and/or lightheadedness
* very low blood pressure
* irregular or fast heart beat
* blurred vision or other vision problems
* decreased sexual desire
* partial, or complete, impotence
* numbness or tingling in the hands, feet or face
* rapid weight gain
* chest pain

All the side-effects in the above list except for acne may be an indicator that too much of the drug is being used. It has also been found that the drug can be passed from a mother to a child via breast milk.

Obul said...

Hi Prasanna,

thanks for your information of side effects if more medicine is used.

Now onwards I am taking care of not to take more than 2ml.

apart from side effects, taking more than 2ml can cause any problem for hair growth?


pradyumna said...

Hi Prasanna , thanks for u r info

I u r doctor sugested u to shave u r head at the starting of the treatment

As my doctor is sugesting me ....


Prasanna said...

Hi Pradyumna,

My doctor didn't suggest me to shave my head.

But personally feal that shaving head helps in the treatment. After shaving head.

1. It would be easier to apply the minioxidil solution.
2. You won't suffer from hair fall for few days or until hair grows back.
3. Also I never allowed my hair to grow more than 1 inch. Because keeping the short hair helps in maintaining head clean and reduced hair fall.

Note: Shaving your head will assist you in the treatment. But shaving head alone is not a treatment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna,

I too was suffering from dandruff & hair loss for about 7 years. Recently 2 months back went to a dermatologist who prescribed the medicine almost same as like yours

Tugain 5%
KZ lotion
finpecia (finastride)
Vitrace -FM (multivitamin tablet).

The thing is still Iam suffering from dandruff and itching. few week i feel ok with dandruff but few weeks not. Can u please say how to take head bath using KZ lotion like have to wash gently, like use small qty of lotion( probably how much ml) and will rubbing head make severe hair loss.

Anonymous said...


one more, does all this medicine atleast stop the further hair loss instead of hair regrowth ?

Thanks in advance.

Prasanna said...

I have been using this medicine for almost a year. I didn't witness any new hair growth. But hair fall is stopped to greater extent.

If I had not used this medicine, I would have been completely bald by now.

My doctor claimed that use of KZ lotion will reduce the dandruff but it didn't solve the dandruff problem at all. I am still facing dandruff problem.

I have tried head and sholders, but it resulted in huge hair loss, so I stopped it.


seth said...

hi there ,

i too visited many dermatologist kaya's, Dr health , n now Richfeel ( saw palmeto treatment ) to name a few nothing seems to help and recently another dermatologist recommended that i user pilogro Minoxidil 5% lotion and triclenz shampoo , i m a bit sceptical to use them coz i have long hair , any thoughts ?

Prasanna said...

Hi seth,

You can find the results only after the 3 months of continuous usage. I would be better if you shave your head(Its just my recommendation). Because hair fall would be little bit high in the initial stages.


Deepu said...


I am using Minoxidil 5% Rootz M5, and Folliderm Tab, since 6 months now, it has completely stopped my Hair fall, and even I witnessed new hair growth.


seth said...

hi prasana !

I still havent started my treatment as i was still deciding my new hairdo now that i have decided , i have a question
my doc adviced that i use 1 ml of pilogrow every night. Do i have to wash it the next morning or can i rinse my hair every alternative day like i always do ?

appreciate your response

Prasanna said...

I don't wash head next morning.
I wash my head only the alternate days.


seth said...

hey ,

Thank you much for ur response !!

rupesh said...

hi prsasanna,
thanks for this inf..
recently my dermatologist prescribed me following 4 medicines :
xtraglow tablets 2 everyday
tugain 5 %
entik hair vitaliser
scalpe shampoo

so what do u think abt this combination ? of course u r not a doctor.. but have u heard about xtraglow tablets ?

Prasanna said...

I am not sure about xtraglow. Form the following post doesn't look like finastride tablet.

Scalp shampoo is same as KZ lotion.
I am also using Tugain 5%.


sameer said...

hi prasanna,

whats ur opinion about segal solutions ? seeems to be good solutions... & also search net...u will get some idea.. !

Prasanna said...

It looks like a herbal product.
So, You have to try it by yourself.


Anonymous said...

hi prasanna & the gang ,

this is amit..
I have been suffering from this problem since 10 years & nothing really worked except my dermatologist suggestions, Tugain & Menofit tablets......My personal experience about so called "Hair tricologist" is pathetic..i request all you guys not to fall prey to such treatments..they are just money driven shits..thats what i feel.
I used Green Tea , Menofit tablets & tugain 5%...& thats the last thing that could be effective ..!!!

shave your hair often to reduce haifall due to weak follocals..



Anonymous said...

hey prassana.. hope u r gud..

its been 15 odd days i have been using medicine suggested by dermatoligist. Also, he suggested me minoxdil oil to apply twice a day.. the problem i m facing to apply it twice a day.. because he advised me to not to apply it on wet hairs.. i apply it at night.. no probs but as i have to go office in the morning i find it difficult to apply it .. the solution which i found is to get ready early then i can apply it in the morning also.. could u pls suggest me if i can rinse my hairs after or not ? because i go office on bike & i found it difficult to adjust my hairs without rinse after wearing helmet.


Prasanna said...

But I don't find it difficult to apply the solution in the morning..

After shower, I allow my hair to dry for 10 mins.
By the time I finish you breakfast hair will be dry enough.

Then I apply the tugain lotion and then go to office.
Its very simple, whats the big deal here?


Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna,

Could you please tell what are the side effects for finabald? do u put on weight or any digestive problems?

Javed said...

Hi Prasanna and Others,

I am suffering hair loss from more than 2 years now. I started feeling patches at crown and temple areas.

Though i have been using Tugain 5% ,KZ for about a year and i guess it helped in regrowth ( little if not more) but for some period of time i see no harifall ( all happies) and all of a sudden it sheds like hell..

what could be the reason for that ?

Prasanna said...

Hi javad,

Did you take any medication for some other purpose?
Did you stop using Tugain for few weeks?
Travelled to different country or place?
sudden increase in smoking or drinking?
Working late night?

or Any specific reason you could see has caused the hair?


Vishal said...

Hi Prasana,

Very good blog after seeing everybody comment i bought Tugain but in pharma they advice me to try with Tugain 2% so i am not using 5% now so how the efffect will be?

Prasanna said...

Hi vishal,

Tugain 2% is for ladies.. don't use that.

Always try Tugain 5%..

You better consultant a dermetologist. Because using tugain alone won't stop the hair fall.


Broken Sunshine said...

Hi Prasanna,

Is Tugain safe for women to use? and how effective are Biotin tabs?


Prasanna said...


Tugain 2% is generic Rogaine for women, 2% Minoxidil. Minoxidil 2% is clincally proven to help regrow hair and stop hair loss in women. Tugain 2% is designed for women who have general thinning of the hair on the top of the scalp. Tugain 2% slows or stops hair loss within 3 - 6 months of use.
In the United States topical minoxidil is marketed under the brand name Rogaine, while in New Zealand, the UK and Europe it is marketed as Regaine.


Anonymous said...

Dear Prasanna,

It had been more than a month for me using Tugain, Finax etc..

but i read on internet that Finax causes Erectile it like that....???

Till now i haven't experienced any of the side effcts.

Prasanna said...


so far, I didn't face any problems like that.
If you face any problems during the course of treatment then stop the treatment.


Anonymous said...

Hi All,

MY dermatologist advised me to take..
Minoxidil 5% : Gen
Finasteride USP 1mg : Tablet
Xtraglo :Tablet
Ketafung : Lotion

doctor advised me to shave head, and then start the treatment. apply minoxidil twice a day with wet hair,
Finasteride and xtraglo tablet each in the morning after breakfast. ketafung lotion to apply and leave for 20 min before bath.

i am using this treatment from past 1 month and i could see the hair growth in my middle head and not in from which is taking time to grow( i can see hair growing)

i am happy to see this blog and wanted to share my comments

U M E S S S Shhh............ said...

How long do you need to apply tugain ? it like you have to use it everyday forever.

Prasanna said...

You need to use it forever.

if a patient discontinues use of Tugain, he will gradually lose the new hair that grew in response to tugain treatment and will experience the progression of his underlying predisposition to baldness. Newly regrown hairs will probably be lost in 3 - 4 months after stopping medication use.


Anonymous said...

thats means i have to use tugain life long.....??????
coz i am just 19 and using tugain from past 2 months!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasana.

I am using the same treatment and i found result.I cam eto know that my friend these treatment has side effect like the men sperm count reduces and affect for faminly problem.Is it true...
I hope this effect depending on the body.What you say about this.

Anonymous said...

HI All.

I used the same medicines and found the result in 3 months.Now our doctor adviced to take Tugain,HAIRSTIM-HGF and Finbald tab(2 times per week).Is hairstim-hgf tablet will cause the side effect.

Mohammed said...


Prasanna said...


Side effects:
Finanstride is said to be causing side effects. If you feel any side effects then stop using the treatment or consult your doctor.

Hi Mohammand,

there are lot of reasons for hair. when you travel from one country to another you will enter different climate, water, food etc. Even I felt the same when I traveled from India to UK.

why your using tugain 2%? May be this could be the reason. minoxidil 2% is for women and minoxidil 5% is for Men. Consult your doctor and switch to 5%.

Apply tugain solution all over the head starting from affected area.


Gautam said...


Can i use a hair along with Tugain as after applying Tugain it leaves my hair dry. If I could use a hair oil. What should be the time gap between applying Tugain and the hair oil?. And i would like to use an Amla Hair Oil so is the combination alright?

Anonymous said...

Hey Prasanna,

I apply hair oil in my hairs everyday in the morning. how should i go about it i.e. beofre applying tugain or after. and how how much should be the time gap between the two?


Prasanna said...

I'm not sure about effect of hair oil.

But tugain should be applied on the clean and dry head.

After bath allow the hair to dry and apply tugain.


Anonymous said...

hi prasana,

can u tell me the reason for taking Zincovit(tablet)& how does it helps to hair..


Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna,

i have recently (may be for the last 2 weeks) started using the tugain sol..i am feeling that more hairs have started falling now. Is that something u r aware of? is this the common thing that happens??


Prasanna said...

1. Zincovit is a multi vitamin table. It doesn't help the hair directly. I am really not sure why doctors prescribing it (may be to avoid side effects from finasteride!!??!!).

2. Initially you will suffer more hair loss when you start using Tugain. Dont be panic, It'll be alright. I suggest shave your hair before start using Tugain, this is avoid Initial hair loss.


mdayoob55 said...

hi, prasanna
i have been using tugian for past 4 months. still i lose many hair. what maybe the reason.

Prasanna said...

if you continue to lose hair even after 4 months treatment then you need consult your doctor immediately.


Tugain said...

Hi prasanna,

im 34 years using Finpecia 1 mg(once a day) and Tugain 5%(twice a day)to control my hair fall and regrowth of hair on the prescription of my doctor. It's been a month i'm using these products. But i see more & more hair falling now than before started using these products. Can you please let me why is this happening and what should i do now.

Abhishek said...

hi prassana
good to see you are helping so many people
i have been suffering from hair loss for last 7 years
nothing worked except for mintop 10% lotion ans finapecia 1 mg tablet.last 1 year results were gud but again all of a sudden hair fall has started again. doctor adviced me to continue with the medicines and also add 1 tablet of folliderm and 1 tablet of menofit in my daily dose
.any idea about menofit and folliderm, will they help.please reply on my email id

Abhishek said...

also while using mintop 10% twice a day it leads to formation of white crusts on the scalp which is not easily washed away though i shampoo everyday.if i rub my scalp hard it leads to hair loss.suggest wat to do.
pls reply on

Suman said...

Hi Prassana,
I am suffering hair thinning & hair loss from last 3 years at the frontal area.I have read so many articles of minoxidil 2% for women which has no side effects. But i am using mintop(minoxidil 5%) from aboput 10 days to my scalp twice a day.
Please suggest can i continue the same for 1 month and then with 2% as that is FDA approved.
I am very confused please help.

Prasanna said...

hi suman,

I am using minoxidil 5% for the past 2 years. Now my hair fall is totally under control.

dont switch to minoxidil 2% after a month. 2% solution is not very effective.


Prasanna said...

Hi abhishek,

minofit is a multi vitamin tablet.
folliderm seems to be Supplement for hair growth.

Just use 1-2 ml of minioxidil. don't rub the scalp hard. use the tip of your fingers to spread the solution on your scalp.


Sarosh Doctor said...

Thanks for sharing your experience.
I have one specific question regarding minoxidil and other hair oils.
I apply the recommended dosage of minoxidil 2 times a day. I apply the night dose at around 8pm each day.
Then before going to bed I apply normal hair oil which are available in general stores, such as amla, dabur, marico, etc, etc.

I want to learn if applying these normal hair oils reduces the efficiency of minoxidil in any way?
Should I only use minoxidil and not any hair oil? Or can I use both?
Thanks very much in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna,
i'm experiencing hairfall since 2 yrs.'ve not relly tried any of the mentioned drugs.i heard a lot about Folliderm...basically for those who experience reduced blood flow to the scalp.what is ur opinion?

tazeen said...

Hi all..

My self Firdous I'm 26 yrs old female .I'm havind a lot physcic stress like mental stress and my husband and i fight always so, i'm married for 4 1/2 yrs now...And i lost lot of hair...Now just few days ago i hav strted Tugain 10% with some medicines which the doctor suggested. i dont know whether i should use this medicine and continue my stress and can still have my hairfall/loss stop..i'm asking thi sb'coz my case is completely stress related and i dont think that my Hubby would stop all his nonsense..

I really admit that u guys all r doing great on this topic....if nobody will or noithing will work after this last hope of tugain i will switch to only and only hair wigs or hair patches.. i'm waiting your kind help ..u can mail me on my ID

True regards

Anonymous said...

Hello Prassana,
I read the article, It's quite informative.

But I would like to comment on the myth " Frequent ejaculation causes hair fall " It's actually true.
I have been associated with a group of athletes, dermatologists and personal trainers and such a study was conducted by pfizer, and they came to the conclusion that frequent ejaculations definitely induce hair loss.

Anonymous said...

prassanna , need your help ...

i started using tugain a week before ... during this course of my treatment , can i apply oil to my hair . ? ? coz i ve not been applying oil for one week and my hair looks so damn dry ... please advice ..

tush said...

hi prasanna,thanks for ur popst...but i started applying tugain 2% just a month back...i know it ll take time...but my querry is...after applying tugain then after say 1 hr can we wet our hair cause my hair are v curly...they need to get wet to look decent or they just scattered making me look fool...plz suggest me...

Prasanna said...

1. Applying water on hair
It is not good for your scalp. May be it could the reason for your hair fall.

consult your dermotologist about this..

2. frequent ejaculations

Hair loss in men comes about because of:

1. The presence of an inherited genetic defect
2. The presence of testosterone
3. Time
4. Stress

If masturbating is causing you stress, it will accelerate your hair loss if you are genetically predisposed. For most men, masturbating relieves stress.

3. Hair oil.
You can apply hair oil after tugain, but give some time for tugain to work on your scalp. And when you apply tugain again(in the night), your scalp should be clean, dry and should not be blocked by hair oil.


tush said...

thankss for ur help again....but i have 1 other query...i smoke aroun 15 cigs per day and consume 270ml alcohol everyday(1.5 qrtr) that gonna reduce my hair...thankss in advance....

Prasanna said...

Alcohol and smoking may induce hair fall rate.

refer this..


Anonymous said...

Hi Prassana,

First of all I am not sure whether I am having hair fall or not. And so I have contacted a dermatologist and he has prescribed me to use Pilogrow 2% only. Will it cause damage to the healthy hair if I start using the solution ? (as I am not sure whether I have haifall) and I do not see any bald patches but my hair is thinning (thats all is observed). So will use of solution cause any damage to my existing hair follicles.

tarun said...

hi prasanna,
can u brief me about folliderm?
how is it different from finasteride?
can i get my receded hairline back ever?
can hair transplant be done only at temple region to get my normal hairline?

shyam said...


Murthy said...

Hello Prasanna. The information you gave was indeed useful. The main cause of pale pattern baldness is the transformation of testosterone to DHT. So the solution to preventing baldness is to stop this transformation. Saw palmetto is the natural herb (not found in India) that prevents this. I am in bangalore and searched quite a bit on Saw palmetto. But could not found. I have also heard about Finpecia, a product from Cipla pharmaceutical company. Reviews show that they are very helpful. Do you know about it. also where can we get Saw Palmetto as herb in Bangalore? Anybody from Bangalore know about it.

Anonymous said...

hey what u guys say bout folliderm

Anonymous said...

saw pametto is available in homeopathy store named sabal serrulata q

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna

My dermatologist prescribed below

Tugain 5L - 1ml(morning)-1ml(night)
Tablet Keragro/Keraglo(?) - 30 days - at night.

what you say about this combination?

Can you give some light on the tablet (Keragro/Keraglo) ?

Anonymous said...

hi........if hair fal starts again once i stop using then please tel me for how long should i use these medicines ?

Anonymous said...

I had a look at this blog only today and came to know there are many people suffering from hair loss. I just want to take this opportunity and bring a general awareness about the Super Speciality Homeopathy Clinics which are mushrooming in our cities. These clinic claim they can treat every single diseases through Homeopathy. Not sure if Homoeopathy can heal every diseases, especially when they promise treating cosmetic problems such as hair losses and skin diseases. These Homoeopaths claim to have the secret formula for hair to sprout on bald plates. Also claim they are experts in these fields and have received sophisticated training from UK and charge exorbitant in the name of treatment.

They take help of media for publicity through popular daily newspaper by giving some tips about hair losses and skin diseases. I was a scape goat of these publicities and spent huge amount of time and money without any improvement. It was not only me, I have also collected the opinions of many patients who visited these clinics and share the same views .

Baldness is major cause of worry for today's youngsters and are ready to shell out huge amount of money treating them. These clinics take advantage of this situation and unfortunately we agree to pay what ever they charge. The medicine what they prescribe for eg. hair loss is usually available at 1/10th of a price what these people charge. Baldness by genetics it is not irreversible. Though the doctors identify this in a patient, they'll never disclose this to patients and invariably ensure that you enroll for their treatment. Is this medically ethical??

One clinic promised me of curing my hair loss within a period of six months. At the end of this period they became greedy and wanted to extend the treatment for another year more. By the time I realised I had burnt my fingers.

I have spent around three and half years and good amount of money in two different clinics in Bangalore (Many know these popular clinics). Nothing has improved and most of the patients visiting these clinics will definitely agree with me. I feel cheated and has provoked me to write and circulate which can reach masses.

Through this blog, I would like to bring awareness among general public to be cautious and not waste their hard earned monies to these people. Though you ignore this mail, I request you to check in these clinics the effectiveness of treatment, cost and value of time you have to sacrifice.

Please educate about this to as many people you know to save them from the glitches of these clinics. Let's stop encouraging these clinics taking us for a ride.

Hope soon Government takes step to check clinics, until then it is you and me to get educated.

As Prasanna advocates the best drug available for baldness is Minoxidil lotions and Finasteride tablets. Else if you are cash rich can try hair transplant which is the only other solution for baldness

Prasanna said...

Thanks for you comment mate. It would be helpful for everyone.

In India, people always take advantage of the situations where there is no proper regulations.

Even I had spent thousands of rupees in clinics like V-care and Dr Bataras. Its all gone for waste.

Minioxidil can stop hair fall. But when you stop using it, hair fall starts again.

Hair transplantation treatment seems to be improving day by day. Its the only effective solution to regain your hair.

Also beware of inexperienced hair transplant clinics in India.


Anonymous said...

any one who has tried segals solution ...please let me know if the treatment is effective

priyank said...

awesome article, really informative.. and the discussion after that was also worth reading..

Navin said...

Hi prasanna
Great blog and nice to share all.
I too got same hair improvement using these prescriptions.
Could you please confirm me whether the finsteride have any adverse effect on sexual problems ??? the thing which hunts me more...


Akshay said...

Hi PrasannA .... I have been to the dermatologist yesterday and he has prescribed Tugain 2% and xtraglo tablets. Would this be effective?

And seeing all the previous comments i get to know the hair fall increases for the first month. So should i go for this?

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna,

i am also suffering with hair loss, shall i use tugain oil with out consulting doctor, is it useful for everyone those who are worrying about hair loss.

Prasanna said...

Hi Akshay,

5 years back when used Tugain 2% years. I suffered more hair loss, so i discontinued it immediately. Tugain 2% is not for men. I dont understand why your doctor prescribed it.


Prasanna said...

Following are the different reasons for hair fall.

* Androgenetic alopecia (Male pattern baldness)
* Fungal infection such as "black dot" tinea or tinea capitis
* Chemical breakage such as over processing, or frequent use of chemical relaxer
* Heat damage as from repeated hot comb use
* Chronic exposure to traction on hair shaft such as Traction alopecia
* Compulsive hair pulling such as trichotillomania
* Hypothyroidism
* Iron deficiency
* Alopecia areata
* Telogen effluvium resulting from physical or psychological stress
* Hereditary disorder of the hair shaft or genodermatoses
* Secondary syphillis can cause "moth eaten hairloss"[3]
* Discoid lupus erythematosus or chronic cutanous lupus erythematosus
* Lichenplanopilaris
* Pseudopelade of Brocq
* Tufted folliculitis
* Dissecting cellulitis
* Alopecia mucinosa
* Keratosis follicularis spinulosa decalvans
* Adverse effect from certain drugs such as chemotherapy
* Testosterone booster tablets.

You need to identify the exact reason for hair loss. Tugain would be helpfull only in case of Androgenic Alopecia.

So its better to consult a doctor before using Tugain 5%.


Prasanna said...

Side effects for finasteride.
Recognized side-effects, experienced by around 1% of users, include erectile dysfunction, and less often gynecomastia (breast gland enlargement).[7][unreliable source?] As expected from its short 6- to 8-hour half-life, in trial studies, side-effects ceased after dosage was discontinued.



Anonymous said...

hi prassana

did u discover any regrowth of hair?


Hello Readers,

I was having hair loss problem for the past 2 years. It started with small area hair loss and developed to bigger area of the center of my scalp.

I have visited an dermatologist in Indira Nagar and used their medicines for 3 months. Found no luck.

I felt like wasted the money and time.

There is a saying "Balded scalp will never brings hair".

the days wife and my family members started worrying bcos of the severe hair loss. even me too.

due to work pressure and couldn't find new doctor for this.

suddenly, i saw this forum and indulged in the messages provided by you so many friends. Thanks for your ideas/comments. This information again forced me to find a new doctor and thus u found an article about Berkowits in Indira Nagar.

Along with the information i have got from this website, i went for treatment.

surprise, they have also given the same medicines as below.

1. Folliderm NF - 90 days once daily
2. TuGain 5% - 1ml/time - twice/day

Aong with this, they have started giving me the accupuncture treatment for 14 weeks to see the actual results.

each week/each time
1. Laser Combo - 15mins
2. Accupuncture with 10 needles - 30mins
3. Dermo Roll - 15 mins

I have been using this for the past 4 weeks and found the hair loss is arrested.

I am hoping that in another 2-3 weeks, the hair loss will be stopped fully and waiting for the regrowth of the hair.

Finally, we can earn anything, anytime. But we lose the hair, we can not get it back as like original.

I am just providing my experience to help you all.

Have a good life with good hair.


Udai said...


Can u pls. advice me the method to apply minoxidil lotion.
No. of times?
can it be washed with normal sampoo?

Darshan said...

Hi Guys,
I am suffering from hair loss since 6 months. 2 months back i visited a dermatologist and she suggested me to use Mintop solution after diagnosing as "Male Pattern Baldness". But i thought twice before going for it as i knew if i had started it once then there was no end to it. I came across this herbal treatment Segals solutions and made up my mind in trying it. I have started using it since 4 weeks and believe me the results are fantastic. My hairloss has reduced to a great extent and my existing hair has become thicker and stronger (though i have not experienced new hair growth yet, to be candid). Whatever information they've provided in their website is absolutely true and this is purely based on my experience. Am not sure if this treatment helps in new hair growth as i've not experienced yet but will surely keep u updated if it happens, on the other side certainly my hair has become thicker and stronger and results were visible to me within 3-4 weeks. I was having severe hairfall before. I used to notice good amount of hair on my pillow, cubicle (in office) and everywhere. But now everything has stopped. Just to share this experience with you all and I am totally satisfied with their product. For more details you can visit their website


rajeshkumar said...

Hi Prasanna,
Nice article. I appreciate your efforts in this regard and informing people in a great way. Last week i did a visit to one dermatologist in noida, he has prescribed me to use mintop 10% lotion (once in night)alongwith Omega-3 (daily for three months) After reading your article I am bit confused though i am yet to work on the doctor's prescription. Please inform me whether these Mintop 10% and omega-3 will really work out for me. My father and elder father have baldness but my grand father and uncle (age 59) do not have baldness problem. What do u say abt the doctor's prescription and family baldness.


pavan said...

TUGAIN SOLUTION 2 is indicated for the treatment of androgenic alopecia in
men with male pattern baldness and women with female pattern baldness.
TUGAIN SOLUTION 5/10 is indicated for the treatment of androgenic alopecia
only in men.

TUGAIN SOLUTION is for external use only. It should be used only as directed

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna and all,don't go for only minoxidil solution go for hair4u and minokem ..

1.start with hair4u apply for 3 months.Then go for minokem apply 3 more months.then apply hair4u for one month and minokem 6 months.And apply hair4u once in 5-6 months to avoid ur hair roots get stiff.And continue with minokem.Take finasteridine tabs once a day-as i know cheapest is finax.

minokem= minoxidil+azelaic acid+retinoin= Rs400

hair4u =aminexil+ minoxidil.Rs 450 in India.

After first 3 months of hair4u you will definitely see your hairfall is stopped.(mainly if u are loosing hair only/mainly from crown.And must work if you are in early stage of ur hairfall.)

In this way I got 15-25% more results than only with minoxidil.
Google for aminexil and retinoin for more info..

Anonymous said...

hello all
till now i have tried no. of treatment which is as follows

Dr. batra- for 2 years
Berkowits- for 6 months
Richfeel for 7 months

none of the above treatment worked for me in stopping my hairloss problem.
but i would strongly recommand never go to Bandra....this is the worst place for treating the hairfall.....they dont use proper products....they dont even have proper staff....every thing is messy.....anyone will come and give you treatment which includes accupuncture and derma roller and laiser hair comb......also fees for the treatment is also negotiable......i dont at all trust them....plz dont waste your money....

recently i have started taking cyclical treatment of Dr. Rajesh Rajput.

i m taking these medicines since 4 months.... I have noticed some reduction in my hairfall problem ...I hope for better result in Future...

in this treatment Doctor has prescribed me six medicines....every day i have to take two medicines and after three days I have to repeat the same medicin on sunday.....

i have to also use tugain 2% twise every day and antidruff shampoo( once in a week) and Triclenz shampoo....

if anyone is taking this cyclical treatment thn plz let me know abt the results.....

thanx.... cheers

mdayoob55 said...

hi all,
I am taking dr.rajesh rajput cyclic medicines. for past 6 months and gained 20% better results. It stopped my hairfaill little(say 20%), and some hair grow in crown area for me. hope for the best in the future.

Anonymous said...

hi prasanna,
This is krishna .i am using finpecia 1 mg since 3 month my hair fall stopped totally.
My doctor asked me to use it for life time. do u suffer from any side effect as i dont and hope same for the time i continue.

Anonymous said...


i also suffer from male pattern baldness.

how about the 'non-surgical hair camouflage' treatment from richfeel or the 'bonding/ micro-wefting/ weaving' treatment from berkowits?


sonam said...

hi prassana , i ve been using tugain 2% 4m past 6 months. hair fall problem seems to be reduced,..... but den wen i stopped using tugain 2% for abt 2 weeks , hair fall has bcum worst, so shud i start using tugain 2% again?? and if so 4 how long shud i use it??and ya dandruff prob has bcum worst after using tugain

uma said...


What are the uses of finapecia(finastride)

anonymous said...

hey prasanna,

this is very nice blog for gaining information about the hair loss.

i have also taken a tratment of hair loss since 2 years, but in conclusion there is no effect, if we stop taking these medicine then again hair loss starts and taking the medicines in not good for health. and there is no time limit for these medicines, rather all these allopaethic treatments has side effects on the body, so better not to start these treatments.

Kumar said...

Hi Prasanna, Your blog is very informative, Did you tried Segal's solutions? I saw many people on your blog talking about it. Would you please let me know about segals solutions. Thanks.

Sanjeev said...

You can check more information about Mintop at Mintop Forte - India Home Tips

mahi said...

Hi Prasanna,
Nice article. I appreciate your efforts in this. I am from Bangalore.I Have planned to take the Menoxidil treatment.My friend has taken the treatment and stopped 6 months back. he did not found any hair loss again.still he is having the regrown hair.
I am not sure whether the hair will loss again once the treatment has stopped.Please suggest.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying different products.

I think most of them are quacks and pretty expensive.

1. I took cyclical treatment of dr rajput

1st day : iron and calcium
2nd day: fish oil, vitamin C
3rd day: finax and protein tablet
long with minioxidil everyday twice

Though my libido didn't decrease but i didn't find any good results.
Also, I went for my diet change and took lot of green vegetales, organic food, curd, chicken, green tea etc.

Then I went to richfeel.
They sure are quacks.Gave me medicine(saw palmetto),shampoo, diet recommendation.But after 6 months, I left them as well,because that didn't help much.

Finally I am on all natural stuff now.
Ayurvedic: I am using hairmont of lords pharma. Its good atleast for non genetic problems. Also, seems good to me for the price(Rs 100/ 3 months).
Homeopathy:For the past one and half year: Dr Batra(though alone he won't be helpful.)
Herbal:I am using segals shampoo with conditioner.
I am using their oil on alternate days after washing my hair(Gives healthy shine to hair).
I am taking segals saw palmetto pills every night.
Home Remedies:
I use parachute advanced while sleeping alternate days.(Gives strength to hair, atleast in my case).

Also I apply mixture of henna,amla,herbs etc once a week, after soaking the mix in an iron bowl.Increase the volume of hair.

Apart from this: Eat well,Nutritious food. Lots of protein.Green Tea.Never miss breakfast.Be happy with whatever you do.

Things I would like to try in future:
1.Stop thinking about hair.
2. Sleep more and more.
3. Don't take stress of anything in the world, thinking i have got only one life.So why not enjoy it !
4. Go for a snazzzy hair cut. Get them colored at tips.
5. Try nanogen or hairmax for special occasions.
6. Probably, once conditions in pakistan get settled, go for hair transplant with Dr. Humayun in Islamabad.

The last treatments have given some + ve results to me. I have got rid of chronic dandruff. I have *not* got any shed hair back. My hair thickness and shine has increased. My shedding of hair has been reduced to what a normal person might have.

bhanu said...

hi guys i jsut read the article....but using the finpecia tablet and the tugain solution..after going through the google search it has shown me many side effets ater using the finpecia that of sexual problems and some other any 1 who used these had any problems????can u plz rep to my post....


Anonymous said...

HI use finax and hair 4u solution.Believe me its the best.You should use minimum 4 months before see any results..My hairfall completely stopped.Best of luck..

Anonymous said...

hi yr information is very wide.thanks for that..m also suffering from this problem since 6 yrs.i've tried all types off medicines like ayurvedic, unani..etc now i ve again started with allopathic physician suggest me xtraglo n finalo some extent i show the m worried abt their side effect..and r these enough for treat my problem?and after withrown it will again create hair loss??

Anonymous said...

hi my problem is that when i use any hair oil it creat too many of hair loss..same thing is happening with medicated oil also..

Anonymous said...

hi prassanna n others,
i just wanted to ask something about the medicines dat hav been mentioned by all of you i hav to complete a course of like 2 years or 3 years or do i have to take them through out my life(till i want to retain my hair)
pls reply

rajesh said...

hi Prassana,
thanks 4 ur article,its very infomative...i'm having hair fall n heard about minoxidil and finasteride..which one shall i start with....does minoxidil cures frontal n temple baldness...i don't ve probs in crown area...

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasana!

Could you please tell me how many days it taken to obsereve hair growth..... and how much time it would take to come to normal position....:)

Sanjay said...

Hi Prassana,

Thanks for putting up this blog. What started out like one solution for hair loss (Tugain + tablets , it turned out into side effects, other tablets, solutions et al.

Somewhere, in the blog it is mentioned that athletes might suffer from baldness. My hair fall started when i shifted to Ranikhet (a beautiful hill station), i believe the water there has minerals.
However, when i started working. The hair fall became severe.

I would like to have my hair intact or better regain, however i do not care that much.

I have tried home remedies to cure really bad throat infection. I followed the natural cures in a very religious manner and it was gone after 1 month or so.

After reading through all the comments in your blogs of people who have or are suffering from hair loss. It scares me to try Tugain or other tablets mentioned.

However, i will surely try the natural remedies religiously. Apart from that i ll start exercising.

Thanks Everybody for sharing your experiences.


Anonymous said...

Hi all,

Kudos to Prasanna for giving space to this problem. More than physical, i think hairfall affects a person mantally. I have spent many sleepless and teary nights because its almost impossible to identify the reason for hairloss, specially in women. It is good to speak up and share experiences.

I am 26, female and have had hairfall for approx 3 years. Tried Richfeel and a local dermotologist's treatment.

Since two months, I have been following Dr Rajput's cyclical treatment. From previous posts, it seems the treatment is not very effective. I personally have experienced an increase in hairfall right now, which has made me more stressed. But it seems prudent to give any treatment atleast 6 months before switching.

Richfeel docs are quacks. They take Rs 5k in one sitting and nothing happens. Pls dont even consider going there.

Anonymous said...

Amiable brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.

bhaskar said...

Hi Prasanna, this is GURUDUTT. M taking treatment for hair loss. already the front portion of the head has become bald. now i have started loosing hairs in both sides and it is shedding like anything. my doc suggested ROOTZ M10 and Triben ad shampoo with FINAX tablets. and for itching he had given Ultridem lotion. so what is this ULTRIDEM lotion. how does it work. kindly suggest me about all the medicines

Anonymous said...

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Preethi said...

Is tugain 5& safe for women to use?I am using it right now.Please respond.

Vivek said...

Hi ,

I have been suffering from acute dandruff since past 15 yrs and tried all kinds of shampoos , oil's etc including KZ lotions . KZ has worked well but it did not eliminated dandruff completely , it comes back within a day or next day. So it had been a pretty disappointing experience till by chance I encountered a herbal shampoo which sells under Ayur Herbal Shampoo brand . Ingredients in it are what your grandmother's mother would have used long back.

The only catch with it is to wash the hair daily with small quantity of the shampoo . The best part of it was that itching stopped immediately and I feel much relaxed now .

My hair fall has not stopped and is increasing by day . I had used tugain earlier with very good results and positive hair growth too , but then one day in depressed mood left it since it was difficult to follow the daily routing (I am a lazy guy).

May be I will start again soon or will try segals to get some hair back :)

So in case you are suffering with dandruff issues , I would recommend
trying the ayur herbal shampoo . It might(or might not depending on one's hair and scalp situation) see the results within 2-3 days .

Great blog this is !!

Omar said...

Hi Prassana,

The major side effect of finastrid is if man takes it for long and his female patner consives then there is high risk to cause birth defects in a developing male baby. Is it true?


Omar said...

Hi all,

Can I get feed backs from users who are using SEGALS SOLUTIONS? Is it good and how effective is it? I am planning to go for it, pls suggest as I see that it has no side effects and its available in Chennai.


Anonymous said...

Hai prasanna,

I am using tugani 5% from past 1 and half year and i ignored it from past two months and the hair which was regrowed had been to the previous state.
First time i take that on the prescription of the doctor and this time i asked a good medical shop owner . I know him personally, he suggested me to use tugani 10%.What do you say?

i used to use fenpecia tablets and now he suggested me to use follihair tablets.

Actually i went to doctor before six months and he said the same when i first met her.

he said to use the tugain 5% and the tablets for the life time?
On the medical person suggession i am using tugain 10% and follihair tablets.

Do you suggest me anything?


Prasanna said...

Thats a big question about using these medicines.

I have no clue about how long should we use these medicines for. I have been using these medicines for the past 3 years.

when I stop using these medicines, the hair fall starts again in couple of months.

Nowadays I am just using tugain. I stopped using tablets.


Anonymous said...

Hi Prassana,

First and foremost article is informative. Thanks to share it with us!!

I have two questions, it would be great if you help me out!!

1. Is tugain 5% also effective for front-end baldness,Any experience?

2. Should it be applied only in the bald area or anywhere?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hi madam ur suggestion is good. Now I am using minokem n, trichoton forte and finpecia. Are they really work out as it was suggested by dermotologist.Kindly give me ur advice please.

SUNNY said...

Hi Prassana,

thanks for the info provided.
Am using tugain since 45 days.Apart from this my doctor has prscribed me BI to Zed tablet.
Is this tablet OK.


Amm@r said...

Hi this is Ammar.

This post is nice and good help.

I have just had a hair transplant and my doctor has advived me to use MINTOP by Dr. Reddy's for 3 months twice a day.

Also, he can asked me to take multi vitamns, calcium, iron on a alternate basis.

However, as told, I believe that if we stop using the MINTOP after sometime, hair fall starts again.

This is bad as we can't continue the treatment lifelong. My doctor has asked me to use for 3 months only but I am not in mood to use the same. Best is to take some multi vitamins and start healthy living. Exercising also would help a lot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prassana ,

I am using finpecia 1mg and tugain 20 and few others prescribed by my doctor. Its been three months using this medicine,Its really worked, my hair fall stop and i am gaing hair as well.I have started this medicine before i read the article, but let me tell you this is nice one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna

I used Tugain for almost 6 months and I could see the difference in terms of hair fall stopped to a very high extent...Also I got some hair regrowth as well here and there....but the quality of hair has degraded a little bit. I am not sure if that is the case with most of the people....

Let me know if tugain does degrades the quality of hair.


Anonymous said...

Hi Prasanna,

I want to know, there is any need to use hair oil as we are applying GEL on hair?

guide me plz..

Thanks & Regards,
Parveen Kansal

shekhar said...

hi prasanna,
Am last consult witn dermotologist, they suggest me tugain 5 solution, shelcal 500, evlon 400, menofit but after 5 month treatment i having same problem of hair fall.

supriya said...

hi prassana
1st take my warm regard.U r running an NGO like thing...gr8.....LOLZ... can u please confirm from ur doc how long ths medicine has to be taken?is it ok if only solution is used as u r using now a days. i took so many medicines but to no affect..recently visited richfeel...they told, th medicines they prescribe are made of some fruits and are very costly..(Rs 26000 for a year)..for 2 years u have to take the course..and they were specifically asking which medicines i used earlier whcih i ws unable to tell...but going through this forum, ths medicine names look familiar to me and richfeel told ths medicines can cause..impotency and one rumor or may b true story was aired few days back, that actor Aryan who gone for hair treatment has developed impotency coz of medicines..thr r so many versions of stories doing around ths days...becoming very difficult to rely...i m thinking of hair camouflage,...transplantation is too costly..meidcine i cnt rely on for lifetime...wht is ur take on taht?

Anonymous said...

Hello all,
i am 25 yr old. I am facing hair loss prob since 3-4 years now. I had to travel to US for 6-8 months. I noticed that hair loss increased maybe due to change in cliamte or water. When i returned to India.. loss had reduced but not stopped. The same repeated when I went back to US. I consulted a dr and he prescribed tugain 2% and some medicines. This is the 4th week and I have noticed hair loss increase at an alarming rate.
I will still continue to use the medication and will keep u guys updated.


Prasanna said...


I dont understand why some doctors suggesting Minoxidil 2% solution to men. They are just not effective at all. Please go back to your doctor and ask for 5% solution.

Have a look at the above link. I think its not good to use finasteride tablets for long term. I stopped using finsteride tablets after an year. I am just using Minoxidill 5%, vitamin tablet and kz-lotion


Anonymous said...

HI Prassnaa,
From january 2010 i consult to dermotologist and respective Doctor suggested tugain 5 solution which i was used 3 months & another medicines shelcal 500, evlon 400, menofit which i took from last 5 month, but still i having same problem of hair fall please suggest why?...Please suggest...i`m so much depressed!

Sanjay Varma.J said...

Hi prasanna .. m sanjay 20 yrs old and i have been facing a lot of problems with my hair..
i am loosing hair like hell thats the first part and its quite usual in anyone's case but the worst part is i am loosing it on one side of the head more than the other side of the head ..The right side of the head has very thin hair and density of hair is very less compared to hair i have on left side ..
i dunno wt is this ??
Please help me with any infor you have on this


Anonymous said...

Thanks Prasanna.

I was prescribed Tugain 2% by well known Dr Rajesh Rajput. I will get back to him and confirm the same.

i say truth said...

Hi Prasanna

i say truth said...

Hi prasanna your info is good.And i hope you will respond to my message.

1.How long should we use finpecia.My doctor has adviced me to use it for an year along with a vitamin table folliderm.

2.After stopping the medicine do the hair fall again starts.

3.If we use minoxidal how long we should use it.

back said...

Hello All,

Nice blog Prasanna!

I am using Tugain 5% and finpecia for the past 1 year, having no side effects. These medicines controlled hair fall completely.

Neo said...
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Neo said...

I would not recommend taking saw palmetto as there are no results to prove its efficacy in arresting hair loss and it is certainly not as potent as finasteride. saw palmetto is known to increase estrogen levels too which can cause gynecomestica..

Neo said...
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Neo said...
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Neo said...

Well the most effective solutions of hair loss world over are
1)Propecia which is finasteride 1 mg and the generic variants available in India are Finpecia by Cipla and Finax by Dr Reddys labs...this is probably the most effective solution for hair loss and the most potent DHT inhibitor approved by the American FDA.
.2) Minoxidil sold under the brand name Rogaine abroad(In India there are custom solutions in the form of minokem,mintop,tugain,hair4u etc)which stimulates hair growth by improving blood circulation on the scalp but does not inhibit DHT(to be taken topically and usually in conjunction with finasteride)….Approved by the American FDA
3) Nizoral shampoo that contains ketinozale which is known as a weak DHT inhibitor(2% twice a week and this is a must for propecia/finpecia to be effective)- so far the only shampoo known to arrest hair loss and the effective solution for dandruff and a itchy scalp.-…successfully reached phase 2 trials of the American FDA
4) Tricomin which is expensive and not available here in India but is a very potent solution. It contains copper peptides and has passed phase 2 American FDA trials. It not only inhibits DHT but also thickens hair and restores the mineral balance to the scalp..recommend using the spray should you be able to afford it….reached phase 2 trials of the American FDA
5)Dustaride- More powerful than finasteride but considering the feminizing effects this drug has , would abstain from recommending it,

Some things to remember
*Minoxidil must be used twice a day and 5% is the recommended dosage for men.
*Finasteride should be taken at a fixed time regularly so that the body gets used to it.recommend taking it at night as hormones such as testosterone are usually secreted at around 3:00 am assuming a normal circadian(Body clock) rhythm.
*Nizoral is a must with finasteride(some things they don't tell you is that nizoral was also used alongwith finasteride in the FDA trials)..if Nizoral is too strong you can consider Revita)
*Biotin supplements with zinc are the best possible supplements.

Neo said...

To avoid side effects of finasteride you may try taking it EOD (each other day that is by skipping a day).

Frenzo from Kathmandu said...

Hi prassana,
you did great job friend. From your blog and comments conclusion is:

1. Minoxidil 5%
2. Finastride 1 mg
3. Ketoconazole twice a week

will stop and regrow your hair. Do any body knows about Dermatologist in Kathmandu.
Thanks for giving platform
Frenzo from Kathmandu

Anonymous said...

Hello Friends,
I started medication for hairloss 1 month ago. I am applying tugain solution 1ml * 2 daily and finasteride twice a week. I am facing a severe hair loss after i started medication. I have lost 90% of hair in the portion I used to apply the lotion. Is it how it is supposed to work?

Sanjay Varma.J said...

Hi prasanna .. m sanjay 20 yrs old and i have been facing a lot of problems with my hair..
i am loosing hair like hell thats the first part and its quite usual in anyone's case but the worst part is i am loosing it on one side of the head more than the other side of the head ..The right side of the head has very thin hair and density of hair is very less compared to hair i have on left side ..

i believe its "alopecia areata"

i dunno y its happnin to me coz none of my family members have bald head infact my father(52 Yrs old) has more hair than what i have now and even i used to have full head of thick hair and had lost almost 80% of it in the last one year..

so, i went to a trichologist named chandravathi. she dint understand my problem and said ur hair is ok and and prescribed me some medicines those are :-

1) keregloforte
2) tugain 10%
3) arcolene shampoo

do u think there medicines would work, do u think i can ever regrow my lost hair

please reply

Sanjay Varma.J


Prasanna said...

Hi Sanjay,

It does not look normal hair fall. Please consult your dermotologist again. Change your doctor if necessary.


girish said...

Hi Prassana

I am using tugain5% alone and it does arrest hairfall but because of the dryness of my scalp flakes are to be i started using it once a day.Os that fine or do we have to use it twice??And also after washing the scalp can i apply normal hair oil..leave it for 30mins and again wash my hair???wat i mean is i am not going to mix hair oil and tugain morning i want to apply tugain and after hair wash i want to put oil and again wash my hair.would that have any bad effect?All this is not to make my scalp dry..please give me a detailed suggestion what to do and what not to...Thanks

Sanjay Varma.J said...

Hi prasanna .. m sanjay 20 yrs old and i have been facing a lot of problems with my hair..
i am loosing hair like hell thats the first part and its quite usual in anyone's case but the worst part is i am loosing it on one side of the head more than the other side of the head ..The right side of the head has very thin hair and density of hair is very less compared to hair i have on left side ..

i believe its "alopecia areata"

i dunno y its happnin to me coz none of my family members have bald head infact my father(52 Yrs old) has more hair than what i have now and even i used to have full head of thick hair and had lost almost 80% of it in the last one year..

so, i went to a trichologist named chandravathi. she dint understand my problem and said ur hair is ok and and prescribed me some medicines those are :-

1) keregloforte
2) tugain 10%
3) arcolene shampoo

do u think there medicines would work, do u think i can ever regrow my lost hair

please reply

Sanjay Varma.J


Prasanna said...
Hi Sanjay,

It does not look normal hair fall. Please consult your dermotologist again. Change your doctor if necessary.


June 23, 2010 3:32 PM

Hey Prasanna ,

That choice is difficult to make as i dont know whos good who's, If we are looking out for a degree or a certification , Then trut me she is the best in the business,

so please kindly suggest me some name yourself


Sanjay Varma.J

Anonymous said...

Hello Friends,
I started medication for hairloss 1 month ago. I am applying tugain solution 1ml * 2 daily and finasteride twice a week. I am facing a severe hair loss after i started medication. I have lost 90% of hair in the portion I used to apply the lotion. Is it how it is supposed to work?

krishna said...

Hello Friends,
I started medication for hairloss 1 month ago. I am applying tugain 5 % solution 1ml * 2 daily and fincepia tablets daily. I am facing a severe hair loss after i started medication. I have lost 50% of hair in the portion I used to apply the lotion. Is it how it is supposed to work?



Anonymous said...

Hi prasanna . An excellent effort by you and others. Im about 2 start my medics and I just want to know do we have to apply minioxidil only on the affected area or the whole head/scalp. And also is Minsaw A/M is a good substitute for tugain or not? Thanx and also to all the followers of this wonderful blog ,PLEASE DO CONISDER THIS BRILLIANT WEBSITE . They provide a great deal of information about latest in hair loss treatment.

Sagar said...

Hi Prassana
I am using both Hairmax forte solution and folicia solution with Xtraglo tablets for treatment of hair loss for about 2 months but i dnt see any positive results from that.
Can u guide me through this

The said...
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The said...

Hi Prasanna/whoever visit this blog!

Can you tell me any good dermatologist for hair in Hyderabad? I searched a few but most of them convince us hard to take their prescribed costly medicines or even worse for a transplant.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Dear readers,
If you have serious hairfall problem then this is my recommendation for you...
1. Use topical minoxidil5%(male)2%(female) twice a day<>.Use it all over the scalp 1ml once.It will stop ur hair fall completely &hair regrowth will occur within 6month.Be patient.If you are a anxious person & thinks about ur hair fall on regular basis than use an anxiolytic(clonazepam0.5mg/day,once before sleep for 2month).if you experience any side effect like dry &itchy scalp don't be'll heal spontaneously.I can assure you that you will not experience any serious side effect.Those are for oral minoxidil only.
2. Use finasteride 1mg/day for 6month.if you experience sexual disturbance consult your physian or just stop it.
3. Along with minoxidil there's no need to use a shampoo.its just useless & it'll not help to remove your dandruff.just comb your hair regularly twice a day.
4. Wash hair least once a day.Don't use any other hair oil along with'll worsen ur condition.You can take B-complex vitamin but not fat soluble onesA,D,E,K
5. By taking these measures your hairfall will stop within 6 month..

Sincerely yours,
((nice article Prasanna.regards to you.hope above information help the readers))

Mohit said...

Dear All,

Thats very informative blog.
I would like to know what are the side effects of using this lotion ( Tugain/Mintop) and medicine.

I heard that it might create sexual disorder.

sampnk said...

Hi Prasanna,

I believe u can help me. I am using
*minoxidil 5%
*Biotin,L-methionine & L-Cystine Tablet
prescribed by cutis...
Its been 2 weeks since am using it,i hav some queries
1)I hav shaved my head as i was suggested. Now since i started using the treatment i see a tremendous dead skin( may be dandruff am afraid)is easily visible, which i never had before the treatment.
2)I use it once in a day, only in the night, Coz of this new development of dandruff or dead skin.Its embarrassing to goto office with dandruff.Help me :)
I really appreciate your patience.Keep it on


profmaster said...

Can I request feedback from people who have used Segals Solution?
This will be very helpful for all of us to have the better picture of this universal problem.

Amit said...

guys , any solution if the water is too hot n hard...its been quit an issues for me since i came to UK..any suggestions ?

raj said...

Hi mdayoob55,

Read that you are following Dr Rajesh cyclic medicine. Please let me know whether it worked for you.


PS: @Prasanna : Appreciate your effort for this useful blog.

mdayoob55 said...

it worked for me 40 percent some small hair growed in the front portin of the head.and also at the crown area. but i heard that dr. arvind poswal has new techniques and medicines. research on it. good luck

Anonymous said...

Hi all, Today I called those Segals Solutions guys in Chennai. A lady picked up phone and confirmed that they sell that product. But I am not really sure if the product is true and not fake. Anyone in chennai used Segals solutions products? Is it true or fake? All I see somebody mentioning that their product is good. At the same time, their post most of the time seems like an ad. If anypne has used it, please update here. Thanks!

Admin said...

Everyone , I also had hairloss and i tried everything but the final result i got is with Segal Solution. Their products really work.And please dont you Mintop solution as it has lot of side-effects, you will loose more hair with mitop and the hair which will grow with the help of solution will fall after you stop it.

vinay said...

hello sir,
i am 20 yrs old guy.i had hairfall problem.i took bioten and used all possible i am using cutamin tabs..i used Mintop before when i shaved my head and now i am seeing lots of grey hairs only in front portion..i used to use it only in front so is ti this effect??

i am staying in bangalore..i need tugain cream and i am not able to find it here if u know plz do


rohit said...

This article is very informative.I would like to know that whether the Keraglo(biotin) tablets have any side effects.??


sunil said...

Hi Prasanna,
Kz lotion is d lotion suggested by our dermatologist.shall i use as a shampoo twice a week.

want to use like normal shampoo.


Darnai said...

Hi prasanna,
Does mintop 5% improves hair root problems or regain hair growth instead of only preventing hair fall?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

hi all, i am a 37 yr old male and i have used tugain foam 5% for one night by doctors prescription but it showed very dangerous sign to me I felt within one night sexual dysfunction, so please check before going for this

viagra online said...

Hey Prasanna,

This is really very informative article. Good to see.. Thanks for sharing with us..

cheap bimatoprost | cheap forzest online

Anonymous said...

How long should you continue to use these medicines? Should you stop using them after 6 months?


raj said...

hi i have been taking Saw Palmetto from 1 month i don't see any improvement, any idea how long should i been taking this to get results

Anonymous said...

Hello All,balu from chennai,
A lot of people have asked about segals solutions.i have been using segals for the last 3 months and these are my observations.

1)I was asked to buy the following-tablets(60 caps-1290 bucks),hair stimulating lotion Rs.1600,anti dandruff shampoo and conditioner( 1200 together).

2)Along with this i have been taking trichup tablets(ayurvedic, 1 cap per day) and tricovit( biotin, l-cystein and l-methionine) for teh last 3 months.

Now for the results:-)

Segals is hands down the best product i have used.My dandruff and itchy scalp has completely gone.i have never had such success in any product and believe me when i say i have used almost all oils, tablets and shmpoos in indian market:-)!!.it is a bit costly but defo the best hair is stronger and i have slight thickening of hair on the sides, though i believe i have to continue for some more time to get better results.i would recommend segals to anyone.

some side effects:- segals seems to make ur hair a little dry, but i read somewhere that it has a little alcohol( acting as a vasilodator) and hence this.also the tablets induce heavy thirst( nettles one of the ingredients in the tablets is a diuretic).So drink water well, else ur skin,hair and nails can become dry to some extent.

But this product stopped my hair loss, fully removed dandruff and itchiness in my scalp and also strenghtened my hair.A good idea is to shave ur head and use these products to help better penetration.also segals guys at chennai dont try to push their products.they will genuinely help u by answering questions and sometimes suggesting u to take only what they feel is neccessary and not everything just to sell their products.try it, but as i said it is a bit costly.but defo worked for me.all the best...
on a side note: to those using tugain, minox and other FDA meds, understand that these have the side effects of increasing hair loss once u stop t\using them.i have 4 friends who lost their hair more after they stopped these...beware....

Anonymous said...

balu again,
forgot to add the following

1) increase intake of nuts and dry fruits- almonds are very helpful

2) cut down spices and oily stuff.( hairloss according to ayurveda is due to pitta imbalance and hence ur liver and kidney are involved.Spces and oil put load on teh liver)

3)Take more green leafy vegetables-spinach, beets, carrots.Also take more bananas, watermelons, avocados.

4)Amla is a good source of vitamin C,A and iron.take amla candy by baba ramdev's of the best i have used in terms of efficacy.take around 8-10 pieces a day.

5)Follow simple rithucharya(ayurvedic term for seasonal dietary discipline). Eat the same time everyday.Eat 3 proper and nutritious meals.Sleep at the same time everyday and sleep for 6-8 hours.

6)Practise some form of physical and mental exercises-pranayama, suryanamaskara meditation etc to keep urself cool, maintain a healthy body metabolism and stay emotionally stable.

Hope these help.

raj said...

hi does Saw Palmetto help in hair growth i have been taking from 1 month i don't see any improvement, any idea how long should i been taking this to get results

Druva said...

Raj Where did you get SAW PALMETTO in bangalore can you please name the drug to me as well to others who are really in look out of saw palmetto, SAW PALMETTO blocks the harmones am not sure it would induce new hairs, so please use Minoxidil along with that for hair growth...

Anonymous said...

I brought SAW PALMETTO from gignoshealthcare in rt nagar

Anonymous said...

Hello Prasanna..

I read the article and found it informative. I would like you to please advice me.

In last few months, 5 months to be exact i noticed that the hair on my crown are getting thinner and my hairs are falling too. I was so much tensed. I got my head shaved 5 times in a month and kept applying Badam Rogan oil. It was okay but not that effective.

I consulted the doctor and he adviced to use
Tugain 5
and some tablet (sorry dont remember the name)

I am using it since last 12 days and i guess my hair fall has increased.

Do you think its a positive sign or negative Should I continue using it ??
Do you think tugain 5 is effective ??

Thanks & Regards,
Anil Sharma.

Ravikanth said...


Ravikanth said...

Hello Prasanna,

Thanks a lot for your clear explanation on the stages of Hair growth and suggested medications. I have few queries can you please help me out here. I have been losing hair for very long time since my school time. i.e. 14 years and i am now 25 years. I have gone through many medications all around the treatments like Homeopathy,Aurvedic etc. Even i got treated for 2 long years in DR Batras spent 10 of thousands of rupees but no use. Later I got Hair transplanted. The hair growth was good for one year later the transplanted hair also slowly falling down. During this one year i used TUGAIN 5% and Finpecia tablets.
My request can i again continue the TUGAIN 5% and tablets for my hair growth. It was great upset to me that i lost my hair at early age

Anonymous said...

Thanks Raj, i'll surely check with them to find if i can get the SAW Palmetto

Anonymous said...

Dear all,
this is vry disgusting for me that i am using segals advanced hair solution for 7 months now and to be honest no real improvement really in my hairfall. i am really helpless now, before this i have tried dr.batra treatment,herbal treatment and hoeopathic as well but nthng worked at all.
now i plan to consult dr.rajesh rajput for his cyclic medicine treatment.will it be gud idea ...can anyone help me ...please me...!!
thankxxx in advance....

Anonymous said...

I am writing this in reply of someone who has posted the note just above mine...

I am not a doctor however a patient suffering from hair fall.

I am using tugain 5% since last 22 days, didn't see any major results as of now and my hair are still falling. But i have being through number of blogs and have read that tugain is supposed to work like this and many people have experienced good results , the results can be seen in 3-4 months.

I will keep posting my experience with Tugain ..

I hope i will get my strong hair back on my crown.

As you have already tried lot many things, i suggest consult your doctor and ask for tugain 5% ..

Hope this will help !!

Anil Sharma.

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